The gesture

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     As they began to walk away, Roxie turned and extended her hand. "What's this?" I said with a raised eyebrow. "Ugh, must you be so persistently hard to deal with." she said annoyed "Here, take this. remember room 399 in the Poison Point Inn. They will be expecting you. I can't have you in my gym looking like that." she said with a giggle as she ran her finger down my chest and, dropped a brown bag in my hand. " I'm pulling for you. Don't make me regret it." She said with a wink. Then she walked toward the gym.

     I stood there dumbfounded for a moment. *Did she just.... hit on me?* I thought. I shook my head and looked at the bag in my hand. it was heavy for how small it was. I drew the string that held it together. when it opend, my jaw dropped. "Oh my Arceus! this must be a mistake!" I said in awe. The bag was full of pokécoins. At least 2,500 $ worth. *hmm* I thought * maybe this 'Poison Point inn' will know why she did this*

     I set off to find this hotel. * now where the hell is this hote...... ohh* I cut my thoughts off when I saw it. "She's rich!" I said aloud as I looked at this gargantuan building. It was easily 100 floors and definitely the tallest buliding in Virbank. It had a white stone staircase leading to the main entrance. The two pillers by the giant doors where a Nidoqueen and a Nidoking posed like they were holding the building up.

     I begin my ascend up the stairs. When I got to the doors and opened them, the ballroom entrance went silent. All eyes fell on me. I made my way to the reception desk. "Uh hi. I believe you have the wrong place sir. this is a place for the rich and famous. Only the most prestigious people in Unov." I cut her off. "Room 399 please." She scowled. "Listen you insolent little runt! I will not stand for your joke! Leave this instance!" I shrugged. "Guess she lied." I said disappointed. Just then one of the other workers shuffled over to the receptionest and whispered something. The womans eyes grew wide. "Oh Dear me, im terribly sorry. Please, your room is being prepared for you." I turned and looked at her.

     For the first time, I noticed her features. She was older, but used make-up to cover the fact. She had a Blue and red Hotel uniform on. She was reather small. Her hair was brown and in a bun, but she had small grey hairs that were bearly noticable.

     My face grew dark. "How dare you. You people sicken me. First you judge me because I look poor, then, when you find out I know a someone important, you try and act like you're my friend. You're no friend. you're scum. You should judge people on there actions, not there social background or looks damit!" I let loose a punch that connected with the dest and cracked the stone.

     "The boy speaks with such passion, such vigour. Now I see why my little rock-babe had chosen you. You're interesting." I swung my body around to see the origin of the angelic voice. "Whow" I mumbled as my eyes made contact with her.

     She was, well for lack of better words, stunning. She was a little taller then me. Her hair was a beautiful shade of black and done in a style that made it look as if her hair was in two spines. She wore a yellow and blue almost skin tight dress that showed just enough skin to walk the line of elegance and whoreish. Her long legs were silky smooth looking and long. Then I saw her face. She was breathtaking. perfectly symmetric.

     "hehe" she giggled. "I bet when I get you cleaned up, you'll be a cutie too." She said in a sexual flirtatious tone. I blushed. Not from the complement, I was used to keeping my composure to things like that. No, it's when I realized how homeless I looked.

     She smiled. "Don't worry boo, I'll make you look nice. hehe. My name is Elesa, nice to meet you... um, what is your name sweetie?" She said cutiely.

     "Legend." I said. "Ok Legend, lets get you to that room, and get to work.

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