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have you ever heard a song that as soon as the melody hits you, you're captivated?

its like the song seeps through your skin and into your heart, digging through everyone in there so that it can just remind you of them.

goosebumps rise on your skin and you really only have one option as you're listening; you close your eyes and let those memories run their course.

the song just touches you.

and im just baffled by the fact that one song, a simple collection of instruments and a lone voice can contain so much of my soul. so much of everything that meant anything to me at just one point in my life.

how did this sound know what i craved? and how did it instantly fill my mind with thoughts of you when you've been away for so, so long?

i won't say it out loud, but these are my thoughts, and i think i miss you. so much.

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