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Charlotte's POV

After our swim we went inside. My heart was pounding and i was out of breath from all the swimming... and kissing. 

"Justin?" I called his name because I couldn't find him anywhere. Last time I saw him he went to go put clothes on. I already tried checking all the bedrooms and bathrooms. Just as i was about to look around outside for my missing boyfriend i felt a tap on my shoulder. I slowly turned around with a smirk on my face.

"why, hello there. And may I ask where you have been?" i questioned him. HE had his hands around his back. It looked as if he was hiding something

"I decided to run to the store real quick and pick something special up." he said as his lips curled upwards.

"okay. would you like to tell me what that special something is?" I glared at him wondering what sort of item was behind his back. He slowly pulled the item out in front of him. my heart pace quickened but soon slowed down as i realized the item was still in a bag. A smirk grew on his face.

"If you want to find out what this is, you have to work for it." he said. what? I was so confused. what type of work?

"well, what do you want me to do?" i asked sort of nervous.

"well, first you can kiss me." okay now I was getting a little nervous. What tyoe of 'work' was he talking about? Next what? did he want me to strip down or something!?! well, it was only a kiss. Since he was teasing me i decided i was going to tease him a little too. I slowly leaned in for the kiss. I kissed him, without opening ny mouth. He was quick at asking for entrance but i declined. If he was going to play hard to get the  I was going to play hard to get. Pay backs a bitch. I pulled away from him and bit my lip. I could tell this turned him on. I took his hand gently and led him upstairs to the bedroom. On my way i took the green sweater I was wearing off, just leaving my pink yoga pants and a black tank top on. HE slipped his shirt off. I could tell my plan was working. He was thinking we were going to get down and dirty. haha he thought wrong. I layed down on the bed and stared at him for a while. He was staring right back at me. Suddenly his sexy voice interupted the dead silence.

"babe, stop teasing me, your beautiful and your lying on a bed practically naked, how can i not be turned on?" He said

"Why don't you come lie with me" i aske dhim while twirling my hair.

"I think I will." he slowly made his way over and sat on the edge of the bed. He slid his shirt off. Okay maybe my plan wasn't going to work because I couldn't resist those defined abs. I stared at his core and bit my lip. Damn, he was so hot and sexy. He smiled and said,

" I love you so much." I smiled and felt my cheeks turn pink. I wasn't expecting that. I wanted to follow through with my plan but, I knew that wasn't possible.

Justin crawled over to me and straddled me. He leaned in slowly and kissed my lips then made his way to my neck. His hands were rubbing my sides, lifting my shirt up. I nodded my head, letting him know he could take it off. I slowly pulled it above my head as my hands were working at his belt.

"mmm babe?" he said in between kisses.

"what?" I asked upset he inteupted.

"you can have your surprise now." he said as he pulled the bag towards us. I slowly opened the bag unsure of what to expect. Inside, was a package of condoms. Oh god, really? I love this guy.

"really?" I asked him while laughing.

"yes. really but only if you want to."

"i'm ready" I smiled and bit my lip as he opened the tinfoil package.

"well, lets put theese to use!" He said.


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