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"From this day forward, we shall no longer fight. We will live in harmony and equality. And as a country, united. We will not fall from the many mistakes of the past.

We shall forget what the horridness of war between us is like.

Because in our future, there won't be any war. No sadness or poverty"

I pause for a dramatic affect, watching the crowds expressions.

"Our children, and our children's children, will grow up learning that what happened in the past is nothing compared to the day the separate states joined as one........ That day being today"

I smile at the crowd, readying myself for there response, but nothing could prepare me for what happened next.

A child no larger then my waist, stood up slowly and makes her way up to the stage.

She was in a long tattered dress that was 3 sizes to big for her. And her long golden hair was held in two side bunches, and she had a long gash above her right eyebrow, and was limping a little.

"Please sir, may I say something?" She says tugging on my trousers.

I hesitate but nod and motion for her to come up.

"Hello" She says into the microphone. "My name is Elsa"

The crowd smiles softly at her.

"I am 6 years old and I live in a small brick house, a long from here"

The crowd looks confused and start murmuring between themselves.

And her eyes flash with anger.

"I walked those 4 kilometres to get here today, because I wanted to see the man who killed and tortured so many and now is demanding the states that have been fighting for years, suddenly join as one so he can rule.

Well he killed my sister, tortured my mother to death and then murded my father. Leaving me with only my grandmother...........and I HATE him"

The crowds murmuring turns into shouting of hatred, all of it directed to me.

The girl looks at me and slowly walk forwards.

"I know this is the man, because his eyes are dark and speak of fear and danger, because the eyes are the windows to ones soul"

"And I know that our future won't ever be the way this man thinks it will be, because happiness and equality are not in his vocabulary"

She says, suddenly looking much older than she really is.

I feel my anger start to rise.

"I HATE him, and it won't matter how hard he will try to make me forget all the murderous things he has done. Because I will never forget my mother, father or sister. So go ahead and rule, but I won't forget and nether will anyone else"

The crowd bursts into applause and I join in reluctantly, but smile at her.

Motioning to my guards I whisper only 2 words that will help my anger fade.

"Kill her"


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