chap. 3

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When I saw his smile while he grab mi by da waist my wolf was howling inside I try not 2 let it out.

But after tht I pushed him away. wat was I thinkin lookin at him like tht I'm taken by Dylan I said" mumbling. but then I started fill up tears I was thinkin wat happen between me & Dylan. "He cheated on me" I mumbled again & went running 2 da woods I was goin 2 break up wit him 2day.


"I looked at her. she jst pushed mi away but y." I said in a sad voice. then I heard her mumbling bout she was taken by Dylan.

"I look mad & y was she wit tht blood sucker." My wolf said he & I were pissed off because our mate was wit tht vampire! my alpha was mad af. then I noticed tears fallin.

she wiped them fast so I wouldn't notice her crying. then she mumble "He cheated on me." me & my alpha got more mad than ever but when I saw her cry again she ran off. I went 2 go chase her. my wolf wanted 2 tear Dylan up into pieces.

(few min past) "I saw her goin into da woods" James said but when I saw his face he had a mad face & looked at mi. "Did u do something 2 my sister" he said

"No, I'll never hurt my Luna she means da whole world 2 mi bro u know tht" I said then he said "So wat happen" he look at mi. "It was Dylan, I heard her say tht he cheated on her" I said in a pissed off tone.

James looked mad 2. then as soon as he left I went after my Luna. I saw her cry & saw tht the tree was knock over. "Damm my mate is strong, but she is not stronger than mi." I said

after tht I went up 2 her & pulled her close 2 mi & gave her a hug. she was cry again, I pulled her tighter 2 my chest then she looked up at mi. as soon as she did her eyes where locked up wit mine.

then I hear a voice from behind... it was Dylan... "hey Josh gtf off my girl u bastard." he yelled

I looked at him & got off my mate arms. "Look Dylan u don't deserve 2 be wit Emma, so y don't u back off my mate & leave before I ripe u in pieces!" I said in a very mad voice

"I would like 2 see u try." said Dylan

"Ok let's go" I said

then I heard a sweet voice from behind, it was my mate "STOP BOTH OF U" she said in a pissed of tone.

"damm my mate sounds sexy when she is mad" wat da he'll was I think she's a badass. my wolf said.

"Dylan! were through" My mate said. "I looked at her but I was not tryin 2 smile but my wolf & i couldn't help I was glad tht she was trough wit tht blood sucker" I said

"Ur breakin up wit mi" Dylan said

"Yessss! so gtf out of my face"  my princess said

I punch him hard, tht he hit da ground & there was a boom sound.

After tht happen I called "Emma." she turn around & smiled at mi. "Wink Wink" Thnx Josh. OMG when she winked at mi while she said my name my wolf started 2 get horny & goin crazy he wanted 2 claim her so bad.


"I can't believe I jst winked at my mate & His Josh! Damm my BestFreinds bro (My mate) is sexy af." wait won't Lexi feel weird tht my mate is her brother?

but anyways he is so cute but I'm okay I like his British accent. tho "hehe".

I ran 2 my room to take a deep breath. I wanted 2 be alone. but.. then at of no where I looked at my Mark on my shoulder. it had a moon & star.

now tht I think of it. I didn't see if he had da same mark in his hand as I did in my shoulder.

2hours later....

I woke up from my nap which I don't remember of fallin asleep. I got up & open da door. I ran down stair,  but as soon as I got 2 da living room I over heard my mom & dad say tht there were gona be away for a month away.

mom... I said running in da room she looked at me & said "Sweetie ima be gona 4 a whole month wit ur father & Lexi's parents 2 North Carolina."

but... mom.... I said

"look sweetie I'm goin so I can help out ur grandparents wit da preparation for da ball." said my mom

oh ok mom. I said

"oh btw Lexi & Josh are gona stay here wit u guys 4 da whole month." My mom said

"I was nervous cauz my mate was stay in in da same house as me!"  "ohh Emma wat are u gona do?" I said in my mind.


hehe ^.^

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