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I see them fight

I see the wounded

I see the right

I see the wrong

"Stop! This is land!

Everything lives on it,

Share it, yes we can!"

I shout.

But they do not hear

They do not listen

Instead, to each other they jeer

Not heeding my every word

Blood spills everywhere

Cries of despair can be heard

Dispatched arms here, loose legs there

An utter disaster, ruining the once beautiful plain

"Can we not live as one?"

I ask, but I knew to complete vain,

Not being able to move away, made this no fun

And still they fought over the despairing land

Green leaves floating in the depressing wind

Beginning to die, losing colour, losing life

Bare branches, to the trunk they were pinned

Insects, birds, small animals began to hide

"Stop! I beg of you!" I yell

"Peace not war!" I shouted

But it was no use, another victory, another man fell

If only I could be something other than being a young tree.

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