I come back to the dorm room after coffee, finding Sarah staring at the screen on her phone and giggling to herself. Niall, only explanation I can think of. 

"So Liam told me about a frat party tonight..." I bring up casually, shedding my sweater and hanging it up.

"And you're thinking of going?" Sarah widens her eyes, pulling them from her phone. That caught her attention.

"Are you not?" I ask with surprise. If anyone was going I would expect Sarah to be the first.

"No, I mean yes I am going, Niall invited me yesterday... I didn't bring it up because well... I didn't think you'd want to go." She admits.

"I don't... but one of the frat boys has my chemistry book." I say, not embarrassed for that being the reason I was going to the party.

"Your chemistry book?" She repeats slowly, knitting her eyebrows together. I nod and she bursts into laughter. "How does a frat guy get your chemistry book?" she laughs, holding her sides now.

"Long story. I'll explain tomorrow. Just have a fun time with Niall." I give her a warm smile.

"Wait are you really going?" she asks, she mustn't realize how serious I am about my grades. No she knew, she just couldn't believe I would go to a party for it.

"I don't know." I admit. "This might be my only chance to get my book back though." I point out. She laughs again and stands up grabbing her purse.

"Well I'm going on a date before hand with Niall... so um... I'll see you there? Maybe?"

"Maybe." I agree. She gives me a quick hug and leaves the dorm room. I sit in my dorm room debating my options. I know he wanted me to come to get it from him. That's why he took it. Liam's words play in my head, if I give him what he wants. He wants my name, he wants me to come get my book. I need my book to pass class. Facts.

I get up and don't bother changing, aside from putting my sweater back on. I don't intend to stay. I'll give him what he wants, my name. That's it. I'm not going to eat out of the palm of his hand, he doesn't get to mess with me and my school work. 

Knowing I have time to kill I do a quick scan through my social networks until it's dark out.

I grab my car keys and jump into my car. It's been dark out for a while now and I know the party has already started. I find my way to the frat house with ease.

It's over flowing with people already. There are cars parked along the road for miles. I sit in the car for a moment, collecting my thoughts. I finally get out of my car and hold my head high as a girl comes stumbling by. I walk past the people and into the house. I look around, not sure where to start.

"Juliet!" A shrill voice chimes. I turn to Sarah who rushes over to me. She's wearing a pretty purple top and her hair is curled. I squint at her as she reaches me. I don't remember her wearing that in the dorm. Then again I don't remember much from these past days with Zayn's annoying actions clouding my thoughts. "I can't believe you came." Sarah laughs as I enter the house full of drunk people.

"Me neither." I mumble.

"And for a book?" She laughs too much. She must be drunk, or getting there.

"I have a lot of homework." I defend lightly.

"Well best of luck finding the kid who has it. I'm going to find Niall." I grab her arm quickly and she turns to me with surprised eyes.

"Sarah how much have you drank?"

"Maybe a few." She begins to giggle.

"I'm going to come find you when I get my book, I'm taking you back to the dorm."

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