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Vegard popped out, holding the picture in his hand. "And here I didn't think I could like you more." He grinned and I shrugged.

"I got bored waiting for you guys." Bård finally returned, also holding his gift.

"Aww. He got one too!?" Bård pouted.

"Don't worry, puppy. Maybe I'll let you see the real deal." I winked and his face turned red.

I was having far too much fun.

"Alright, well, later losers. I'm going back to the hotel to sleep." I shot them both winks and grabbed my guitar case.

I walked out of the filming studio and into the parking lot. My plan had been to walk back to the hotel, but a tiny, blue car pulled up next to me.

And by tiny, I mean I was way taller than it.

The passenger door flung open. "Get in, loser." Came Calle's teasing voice.

I squished into the car, holding my guitar case on my lap. "Thanks for the ride."

Calle nodded and drove back to the Grand Hotel. He was a terrifying driver, to be honest.

He parked the clown car and I wedged my way out of it. As I stretched my limbs, he got out and came over, grabbing my guitar case.

"Let me walk you in?" He gave me a grin and raised his brows.

"Sounds cool." I accepted his offer and the two of us headed into the hotel.

We rode the elevator in relative silence, until he turned to face me. "Bård and Vegard are lucky. You're really hot."

I blushed. "You think so?"

He nodded. "I know so."

The elevator doors slid open and we walked out into the hallway. My room was at the end, so we turned left and began walking.

I unlocked the door and invited him in. As I closed the door behind me, he set the guitar case on the floor and turned to face me.

His hands cupped my cheeks as he pressed me against the door in a passionate kiss. Our lips parted as I slipped my tongue into his mouth.

He put his hands on the backs of my thighs, right under my ass as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Calle carried me towards the bed and set me down, gently. We declothed one another and he ran his hand slowly up my thigh before brushing his thumb over my clit.

I shivered underneath his touch as he covered my body in butterfly kisses.

I pushed him down and straddles his waist, pushing myself down on his hard length.


He let himself out after he was dressed again, and I drifted off to sleep.

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