Chapter 2

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Today is the day. The day I find my mate. I hope he's super nice and really cute. Oo and funny too. When I walked downstairs my sister was sitting by the counter. For a second I thought she forgot me birthday but then out of no where my mom, dad, brother and only friend Taylor jumped from behind the counter and yelled, "SURPRISE!"

I was so happy. I looked and saw that they had a birthday pancake for me!

"Thanks guys! I love it!"

" No problem baby girl", my dad walked up and kissed my head.

" I would love to stay but I gotta get to school to finish a paper. Taylor you coming?"

She took no time to answer, "Of course!"

Me and Taylor walked out to my black corvette. Oh how I loved this car. My parents bought it when I was 15 because I love it so much.

When me and Taylor got to school I saw Ashley Stone outside waiting for something. What is that something you may ask? Me.

I tried to walk past her but she stopped me.

"Well, well, well. Isn't it little slut an her friend, whoreface."

I hated how she called us those things. Especially because we were both virgins.

"Please Ashley not today..." I had to remind myself for later to thank Taylor for trying to stand up for me.

"Shut up Whoreface. So little slut. Isn't today your birthday? Yes it is. Now that little mate of yours is probably gonna reject you just like that."

When she mentioned my mate my wolf growled.

'How dare she.' My wolf Dana didn't
sound too happy.

Me and Taylor made a run for inside the school. When we were inside I was hit by the best smell on earth. I couldn't stop myself from running to it.

When I found the person who owned the scent I couldn't keep my eyes off him. I walked over to him but before I could say something he grabbed my arm and took me into a supply closet.

"Hi I'm Delia, I've waited so long to meet you! I really couldn't wait to meet yo- "

I was cut short by him growling.

"I ,Mason Forte ,reject you, Delia Amerson, as my mate."

I started to cry uncontrollably. I couldn't stop. Then I felt a sharp pain in my chest. It felt like my heart was being stung by 500 Wasps at once.

"Don't just cry you mutt. Accept the rejection or I will make you pay." He all but growled at me.

"I, Delia Amerson, Accept your rejection, Mason Forte, as your mate."

After I said those words I fell to the ground in the supply closet. Before my oh so great mate left he said under his breath, "Weak".

I couldn't handle the pain. It was unbearable.

I got up and ran to my car. I started it and drove home as quick as possible. I ran inside and packed my stuff.

During the car ride home I realized he's my alpha. He will be living in the same house the rest of my life. I couldn't stand to see him if he wasn't mine.

I decided to leave. I packed all my stuff and wrote a note,

' Dear family,
I will miss you all. Especially you Gemma. You were always a great older sister. You even kept your promise to not tell mom and dad about the bullying. That's right mom and dad. I was bullied since grade 9. I'm leaving now though so don't worry about it. I will finish my last year of high school else where. If I get the chance I will write you.

Also, to my mate, Mason. Fuck you. You heartless asshole for rejecting me. That fealt good to say.

With love to my family and with hate towards Mason, goodbye.'

An with that I was gone. Without even looking bak towards my home I drove until I couldn't anymore. That was until my car broke down 6 house away from home. Great.

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