Haven- 02

"...searchin' to find myself, but all i found was you. i can hardly stand myself so what am i to you?"


        The shrill of my alarm this morning was even more unwelcome than most mornings considering the lack of sleep I managed to get last night. After the run in with the unnamed neighbor, I managed to sneak my way back into my dorm without being noticed by Abby. I thought back in amazement at how deep of a sleeper she is. I suppose that'll come in handy. If I accidentally drop something while she's snoring away I'll be gladly reassured she won't wake.

        I continued to lay awake for another 2 hours, though, despite my exhaustion. I didn't know why I was staring at ceiling or why I was deciding to count the small holes in the drywall next to my head, but I couldn't get myself to do anything else. Maybe it was the anxiousness of knowing today is the first day of classes, or it was the fact that other than Niall and Abby I knew absolutely no one.

        Either way, my alarm was not welcome.

        I looked over to find Abby's bed empty, almost as if she hadn't even slept there last night, with her sheets made up perfectly. There's a strong possibility she's an early riser as well.

        I remembered I needed to take a shower so I trudged my way to the small bathroom and found my little bottles of soap in the caddy I brought, and ducked under the stream of warm water.

        Coming out of the bathroom I was once again met with the reality that this Boston heat was indeed ruthless, and that I didn't have a decent pair of shorts to wear or any summer clothing for that matter. I began flicking through the options of my small walk in closet and after 10 minutes of useless consideration, I ended up choosing a pair of my dark wash skinny jeans, one of my plain white v-necks, along with my trusty pair of converse. Simple enough.

        Finally inside Building V after minutes of wandering, I made my way up another flight of steps just to get to the classroom. I've acquired the knowledge that this college is very adamant about adding stairs to nearly every building.

        Once inside, and realizing I was neither early or late, I made my way to the back like I always used to in High School. Lessens the chances of getting called on. I set my things on my desk and absently picked at my blue and chipping nail polish while I waited for more people to make their way in. Some were chatting away with their friends, unaffected by the early morning class, while some looked completely dazed and out of it. I felt like I fit in with the latter.

        It was up until I looked ahead to find the guy from last night-- the drunk unnamed one-- that I was still bored out of my mind. He walked in gracefully, looking completely unaffected by his interesting night. I was sure he must at least be sporting a raging hangover, but he showed no signs. No squinting at the fluorescent lights as he walked in, no rubbing of fingertips to the temples. Nothing. In fact, he looked quite neutral to everything around him all while holding a conversation with... Niall.

        "My dorm, actually. You wouldn't happen to know where Building.." I trailed off looking at my sheet, "F is, would you?"

        "Actually, I know a few mates in that building. You're in luck."

        Mine and Niall's conversation yesterday comes back to me as I remembered he has a couple of 'mates' in the same building I'm in. That held such a large and far out possibility, though, and he could've meant anyone else. But now? I just wanted the bottom of my chair to open up.

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