Louis’ POV:

            “You’re never going to win boy.” My father said as we began to fight. “You’re nothing compared to me.” He spat. “You’re a worthless piece of shit.”

            I made a fire whip that I held in my hand. I glance over at Lucy, who looked terrified, then turned back to my father. “I can sure as hell try.” I said lashing the fire whip, making it longer as it went towards him. My father quickly moved, and shot a fire arrow at me. It hit my right bicep, making it bleed out boiling blood. I screamed out in pain.

            “Louis!” I heard Lucy scream. I looked over at her and gave her a reassuring smirk. I looked back at my father and frowned. I couldn’t let Lucy be scared no matter how scared I was. I made a giant fire fist and punched my father with it. I felt like the Green Lantern.

            My father got up off the ground chuckling. “You gotten stronger boy. But still nothing, like your dog friend over there.” My father said gesturing to Harry.

            “WHAT?! LET ME AT HIM!” Harry shouted.

            “Do you want to die?!” Liam said as the other lads held Harry back.

            My father chuckled again. “Pathetic.”

*******(Sorry, I can’t really write a fight scene, so imagine what’s happening)*************

            Lucy’s POV:

            “LOUIS!” I shouted as he laid there unconscious on the ground. His father charged toward him to give the final blow but…

            “THAT’S IT!” Harry said turning into a wolf charging towards Daimon. Harry knocked Daimon off the track of Louis, but got burned in the process and gave out a whimper.

            “YOU MUTT! WHY DO YOU ANOUNCE THINGS!” Zayn shouted as the rest of the lads charged towards Daimon. They all began to fight and I ran to Louis.

            “Louis.” I said as I bent down next to him and shaking him.

            Louis’ eyes fluttered open, and then they got wide once he saw me. “Get out of here! Find a safe place!” He said as he got up and pushed me behind a rock. Louis ran towards the fight which the boys were. The lads had Daimon on the ground, very weak. Louis stood in front of his father with a smirk on his face. Zayn jumped up and was about to chop Daimon’s head off killing him, when Daimon stuck a fire sword through Louis’ stomach.

            “LOUIS!” I screamed and ran to him.

            “I KILLED HIM!” Zayn cheered as Daimon was dead. “LOUIS!” He shouted once he saw Louis holding his stomach. We all crowded around Louis and I placed his head in my lap.

            “Louis.” I said as tears went down my cheek.

            “Lucy.” He said reaching up and stroking my cheek. “Take care of her lads.” Louis choked out.

            “No, don’t say that saw that.” I cried out.

            “I.Love.You.Lucy.” Louis whispered and closed his eyes.

            “NO LOUIS! LIAM HEAL HIM!” I said looking at Liam. He had tears pouring out of his eyes.

            “I’m sorry Lucy… He’s already gone. I can’t bring back the dead. I can only heal.” He said.

            “No.” I said and placed my forehead on Louis’, which was already cold. “Please don’t leave me… I love you.” I said and kissed Louis’ dead lips.

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