Chapter 26

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*Three days later*

*Nicole's POV*

I currently was leaning against Harry in the car, holding tightly to his hand. Louis sat across from us, on his phone, his feet propped up in my lap.

AJ was with Jamie, because I didn't want her around the paps in an airport, along with fans, while Harry and the boys left for promotion.

Harry kept pressing lazy kisses to my forehead and occasionally the back of my hand. I nuzzled my head into his neck more comfortably before Louis' phone went to his ear, and the words "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"

I heard a muffled voice from the other line, and a "Oh, hi, Eleanor."

I quit listening and turned to Harry. "I'm gonna miss you."

"I'll miss you more," he said.

"Harry Edward, don't be cliché." I joked. I kissed his jaw lightly and glanced at Lou. His face was stoic, and he was staring out the window.

"I promise to call you guys every night. Well, however many hours before AJ's bedtime. I'll always be thinking of you. Do you know that? And I'll always dream about you guys, and fall asleep thinking your in my arms and AJ's between us." He said lowly.

"Even if it's just your pillow?"

He laughed quietly. "Even if it's just my pillow."

The car stopped and he told her he had to go. Louis hung up the phone and looked at us. "How's it going?" I asked him. All I got was a shrug.

Harry and Louis' bodyguards got us out of the Range Rover and ushered us inside the airport quickly. Fans were screaming and shouting, asking for pictures with the boys and a couple with me. I saw the paps and stuck my middle fingers up. They couldn't publish or sell any pictures they took.

As I was doing that, I got many disapproving looks from parents and grandparents in the airport. But I didn't care. I glared at the 'fans' that shouted crude remarks at me. Harry gave them disapproving looks and they shut up.

Eventually, we made it to the terminal gate, where Sophia was engaged in a conversation with Niall, whilst Liam talked to Perrie and Zayn.

"I really don't want you to go," I said as I turned to Harry. Louis wrapped his arms around us and kissed my forehead.

"I know, Nic. I know you don't want me to go, I'm just that fantastic," Louis fake wailed. I shoved him off of us with a smile.

"I'm trying to have a moment with my girlfriend," Harry playfully moaned. Louis put his hand over his chest and walked away.

I wrapped my arms around Harry's waist and laid my chin on his chest. He placed a ginger kiss to my nose and pressed his forehead to mine.

Our ten minute goodbyes were just soft kisses and sweet nothings into one another's ears. My heart fell to the bottom of my stomach when I heard, "Flight 41-B, please board."

He held onto my fingers until he passed under the gate, never once breaking eye contact with me until he had to actually turn around to get through the crowd.

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