I feel no sympathy, you lived inside a cave

You barely get by the rest of us

You're trying, there's no need to apologize

I've got no time for feeling sorry

-Paramore, Feeling Sorry.

 I hear a knock on my door. I slowly open it. "Hi Demi." He says.

Its Liam.

"What do you want?" I say.

"Its a emergency." He says.

"Yes?" I say.

"You know Ariana?" He says.

"Yep." I say. Ariana is his old girlfriend.

"I got her pregnant." He says.

"Oh god." I say.

"But didnt you break up with her a year ago?" I say.

"Yeah." He says.

"So this child.." I say he intturupts me.

"Is one, yes." He says.

"Sucks for you.'' I say shuttting the door , but he stops it with his feet.

"Im being serious. Help me." He says.

"Look Liam, Ariana will want that kid to be apart of your life. And you fucked up. Bad." I say. "But you have to know, if you dont see that kid. She will make a fool out of you. Liam, you made a child and you have to take care of it. Do not put that kid infront of the cameras. Dont." I say. He nods.

"Just kiss me, Demi, just one more time." He says.

"Just one ." I say. I start leaning in and kiss him. I felt the sparks. The butterflies in my stomach.

"God, how I miss that." He says.

" Oh did you feel it in the dream?" I say sarcasticly.

"Stop it Demi, we all know we kissed after that." he says.

I look at him.

"Oh there you go." he says.

"What?" I say.

"Looking at people with those EYES. The big brown beaty eyes. Thats why hollywood LOVES you! God! I hate you but every time I see those eyes, I fall! You use those against me. Demi! UGHHH!" he says.

"Someones heated." I say.

"Shut up." He says. I turn around and hten he turns me back around.

"Love me." He says.

"No." I say, he kisses me.

"You know you do." He says.

"Its the cherry chapstick isnt it?'' I say.

"Yeah." He says.

"Fine, maybe I do still love you."  I say. He laughs.


sorry this is short.

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