Zayn's POV

My ears hurt, my chest hurt...

What the fuck happened?

I began feeling light headed.

The room was spinning around.

I looked down, noticing there was blood spilling from a wound in my chest.

"Zayn!" A voice yelled, but I was dumbfounded.

Is-Is that-

Did I get shot?

I sunk to the floor, feeling like it was the only place to be able to hold me.

I felt someone grab my upper arm, keeping me in a sitting position.

"What the fuck, you just shot him!" Niall's voice echoed in the background.

Did I really just get shot?

Justin's POV

As soon as the gun went off, Niall and I were checking each other, until we heard Pattie scream out Zayn's name.

We turned and my heart beat intensified.

Zayn was shot? But the gun was aimed at Niall and I wasn't it?

I turned my head to Andy, noticing at some point he must've aimed straight to Zayn.

Probably when Niall pulled me beside him.

"What the fuck, you just shot him!" Niall yelled at Andy.

"And you're next!" Andy barked, aiming the gun to Niall.

I lunged forward, grabbing the gun and attempting to get it out of Andy's grasp.

Niall soon joined me as we fought Andy.

Mr. Garrett was shocked for a moment, as Niall pulled Andy into a head lock.

I yanked the gun from Andy's hand, aiming at Mr. Garrett before he could do anything to harm anyone.

He put up his hands in defence.

"Give me the fucking gun!" Andy yelled, attempting to get away from Niall, but with little luck.

I bit my lip, stepping back and keeping the gun up and aimed.

"Don't move a bloody inch... Mum, grab the phone on the desk." I said, glancing sideways at mum.

She gently laid Zayn down, reaching up and grabbing the school phone.

"Call the police." I said, swallowing.

I was nervous, to say the least.

I didn't know anything about holding a gun, nor shooting it.

So hopefully fate is on my side while I'm doing this.

As Mum made the call, I walked over to Zayn, eyes glued on Mr. Garrett and Andy as I leant beside Zayn.

"Zayn, are you okay?" I asked, glancing down at him.

Zayn breathed out shakily, nodding slightly while holding his chest.

I didn't know what to do.

"The police are on their way." Mum told me, gently taking the gun from me so I could tend to Zayn.

"Let me see it." I said, pulling Zayn's shirt up.

"It-Its not that bad." Zayn sighed, wincing in pain.

I looked at the bullet wound, soaked in blood.

It was just above where his heart should be.

I placed his shirt down a bit so I could help stop the bleeding.

"You won't shoot us." Andy laughed.

"Don't doubt me, Andy. You've hurt my son, and shot his boyfriend, don't be surprised if I shoot that smirk right off your face." Mum spat, pure anger.

Niall's POV

I held Andy tightly as he and Pattie argued.

I really wanted to go over and see if Zayn was alright, but I couldnt let Andy out of my grasp.

"I'd let him go right now, if I were you." The other guy said.

"Well you're not me." I said, looking at him.

"That's the bad thing about it." He smirked, reaching into his back pocket.

What's he got?

He quickly pulled out a knife, before throwing it in my direction.

I yelped as the knife hit my leg, breaking right through the skin.

Andy used that advantage to push Pattie down, grabbing the gun.


"You're all going to pay for that." Andy spat, aiming the gun at Pattie.

"Put your hands up." A voice said from the door.

We looked to see a policeman in full uniform, aiming a gun at Andy.

Thank fucking god.

Author's Note; I'm so sorry for this shit update (o.e)
its really hot where I live and I'm not very focused tbh.
But it'll get better promise <3

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