Chapter 11* Exposed

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"Well that was easy." Natsu grinned.
The mansion was a distance and the team was heading back home.
"A little too easy." Erza said suspicious
"Huh lucy what's wrong?" Gray asked. The blonde had stopped walking and her face was covered by her hair.
"You-you never gave up.." She whimpered. Erza smiled softly.
"Your our nakama of course we wouldn't." She replied.
Lucy sniffled and nodded.
"Thank you so much."


"They lied!" Zack shouted.
As soon as they left Zack researched quickly and found out their was no marriages under their name.
"Now what?" The wife asked.
"We warned her didn't we?" Mr. Evans replied. She nodded.
"She pays the price now."


Lucy was walking silently and they were almost at the guild, till Lucy fell down on the floor.
"Lucy what's wrong?" Erza asked.
"We warned you didn't we?"
Gray and Natsu turned and saw Zachary.
"Damn it."


Uh oh Zachary and his parents found out the truth...
Now what?
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