Chapter 6

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I had a bad nightmare that night. It scared me straight. How the hell was I even capable of dreaming something so greatest. Every greaser in town was fighting all the Socs. There was blood;a lot of it. I'm not sure what my dreams   means,but I don't like it. My  sister was shaking me in my bed..

''Ean get up. The hole gangs outside.'' With that moments I jumped out of bed and threw on a random outfit and followed my sister to the door were everyone was. They didn't look to happy.

''Is everyone okay. Was there another Soc incident?'' I asked. Mike stood up like he needed to say something...important.

''We called a rumble with the Socs. This time there's gunna be weapons.'' He explained to me.

''I know for a fact I's fighting in that.'' Jack said trying to be bold but deep down I knew he was scared.

''No you're not. You're too young. There's weapons ,Jack. Like chains and blades.'' Mary explained to her brother. I was shocked. Mary who always said her brother was a nuisance and annoying was worrying about him.

''Like you care. Besides I can handle myself. I've been in fights before with weapons. Just a couple days ago. Ask the guys.''

'It's true,Mary. He didn't even get beat too bad.''  Was Mark alright. Jack got the beating of a life time.

''What are mom and dad gunna say?''

 Mike looked up at her. ''They don't need to know. None of our parents do.'' 

''I'm with Mike on that one.''

''Mark,think about Annie. She's never been in a fight,'' Sussie pointed out. She had a point.

''Don't worry none about me Sussie. I can take care of myself. My dad is Dallas Winston.''

''She's got a good point.'' Norman started. ''Her dad was one of the toughest greasers in town before Ean came along.''

''That don't mean she's gunna be 'kay.'' Mary argued.

''When's the rumble?'' Was the only thing I was able to say.

''Friday night.''  Jo told me. Damn it. On the best day of the week we have a rumble to worry about.

''How should we prepare?'' 

''Don't worry E. We got that.'' Mike told me while smiling. I never thought I'd see the day were Mike Shepard would smile.

''We should have a leader. All great gangs got themselves a leader.''

''You is right,Mark. Who here is the strongest?''

''I'd say it's Shepard.'' I couldn't argue with Jack on that one. Mike was probably the strongest in our entire gang.

''Na. I don't know anything 'bout being a gang leader. I could always ask my bro,but he's a jerk. He wouldn't answer you of it would save your life.''

Mary started fiddling with her fingers. ''Well if it's not Mike,then who should it be?''

Mark looked at me then nodded. I knew what that meant.  ''I say it should be Winston.''

''Why me?''

''Cause your a tough maggot that's why.''

'' Come on Jo. You all know I'd suck at being a gang leader.''

Mary started to zip up her jacket. ''We can always talk later about this. We really have to get going to school.''

As we waled I fell behind the others. I was scared. Me being a gang leader. What if I let them down and someone gets hurt because of me. Mark walked backwards to ketch up to me.

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