Chapter 1~

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This fanfic is a Yongshin fan fic for all my Dooleys out there!!! :3
Yong Hwa with Park Shin
forever!!!! Hope you like the fan fic!!! ㅇㅅㅇ

(Park Shin's POV)

It's really chilly out just like what my mother warned.

I wrap my cardigan tighter around me. I know I should have listened to Mom but..... I'm stubborn Park Shin Hye!! XD The cold wind slaps my face as I struggle down the block to the Coffee Shop down my street. I hum to the happy tune of 'Love Girl' by my favorite band CNBLUE. Their my best friends too. But one of them always seems to stay in my mind. Jung Yong Hwa.

We became best friends after filming the drama You are Beautiful. He was my fake big brother I guess. But after a while my sibling love for him turned into a real love.

(Start of flashback)

When we started filming Heartstrings it was like a dream come true. I could finally be his girl. But the fact that it was fake for some reason broke my heart. I hid on set and cried my eyes out. When my little cry-out session came close to the end; in between sobs I whispered "Yong Hwa, saranghae." When those words came out it was a like a trigger. I sobbed harder than ever. Then I heard that sweet loving voice; " Shin Hye? "
Oh no, did he hear my secret confession? :( I turned around slowly to see him right behind me. Our chests almost touching. I felt my heart pounding against my chest as if it wanted to get closer to his. His soft eyes searched mine, his hands on my arms. " Whats wrong? " he asked. A huge lump formed in my throat. I could only find the courage to say; " Miane " He searched my eyes for a few seconds longer before wrapping his arms around me and pulling me in tight. Everything stood still as I buried my face in his chest...

(End of flashback)

I realized that I already passed by the Coffee Shop by a few steps. XP I really wish he heard me that day. But apparently he didn't. If he did then maybe we could be together today? :/ I'm next in line when my phone buzzes; a text from Yong Hwa!!

Come to the dorm I'm alone and just need to talk about something. It's about We got married. And Seohyun...Please come my chingu!!!

Confusion fills my head. What does that mean? Is something wrong? :(
I take my order and also order Yong's favorite blend and hurry back home for my car.

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