Dad's POV (Nathaniel )

I don't want you getting involved with him." I stated. raven came and sat beside me "what are you talking about dad". "His father is trouble. You don't need to get caught up in that raven." I said sternly. " I'll be fine dad promise" she said while getting up. I grab her arm "iI'm serious Raven" I said looking into her eyes she had to see what he was capable of.

*flash back*

I crawled out from under the rubble. I have never seen so much destruction. wolves torn apart fire consuming the entire land. as I looked further I seen my pack house the place I called home for twenty years burned to ashes.i ran to my mother her pure white fur soaked in blood. I held her in my arms as she took her last breaths we had a over 200 wolves in our pack now left with 40. I heard a twig snap in the distance I turned ready to kill whoever was responsible. that's when I looked into the cold eyes of Xander kyden. he ran the shadow peak clan north of here. He looked at my mothers body. " It's a pity she didn't put up much of a fight." he said smirking and from that moment on I vowed to kill Xander kyden.



Hey guys this was a quick filler We've been so busy with school we haven't even thought of writing sorry. We probably wont be updating soon due to MORE busy school days .But comment let us know what u think and we'll see what we can do.


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