A Diamond Gold Ring

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Vic had called you to come home from work early today. You're not sure why, but hey, you're not complaining.
When you open the front door he's sitting on the staircase, grinning from ear to ear.

"Hey baby." He walks up to you slowly, and takes you into his arms.

"What's your deal?" You giggle as he attacks your whole face with kisses.

"Nothing at all, i just want to be with my girlfriend." He smiles and cups your face in his palms, kissing your forehead softly.

"Come here." Your heart flutters as he takes your hand, walking you to the kitchen. 
You smile when seeing the dining table set with flowers and candles. Vic seats you in your chair and walks into the kitchen. The smell of garlic and tomato sauce hits you hard. It was your favorite.

"Ta-da." Vic smiles as he carries a big bowl of spaghetti and a basket of garlic bread to the table. He serves you with a decent sized scoop of spaghetti, and two pieces of the bread. 
As you both eat, you joke and reminisce on the past 2 years you both have spent together.
After you finish, Vic takes the plates to the sink and does the dishes for you. 

"Thank you so much." You smile as he meets you at the couch, then kissing him hard.

"I just wanted to let you know today that I am so happy I met you," he takes your hands in his while looking in your eyes, "And I honestly don't think I could do it without you." 
Your throat knots up as you squeeze his hands lightly. He sees that you want to cry, and smiles. He takes you into his arms and embraces you tightly.

"I'm so lucky to have you in my life," he says into your ear, "And I want to know that you won't ever leave me."

"I promise I won't." Your voice shakes as you squeeze him tighter.
He pulls away from you, and slides onto the floor landing on one knee. You start to shake and release all your tears as he reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small black box.

"Oh Vic!" You cover your face, continuing to cry. He pulls your hands away from your face and places them on your lap.

"Baby," he scoots closer to you while opening up the box, "Will you marry me?"

You squeal as you see the sparkling diamond ring, and nod your head uncontrollably.

"Yes! Yes Victor!"

"Customized to cut your circulation." He smiles and kisses you as he slides the ring onto your finger.
You giggle a little, and throw your arms around his neck pulling him in for a deep kiss.

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