chapter 15

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I first noticed I was being followed the Monday after Tristan and I had the discussion of how I'd be leaving when the assignment was over. I put up with them when they followed me to school, when they pretended to be a gay couple at the grocery store and even when they followed me into the Victoria Secret at the mall. But by Friday I had reached my limits.

I stomped into Tristan's office, not even caring that I was disturbing a meeting. I slammed my hands on the desk.

"Call them off." I snarled leaning forward so he could see just how black my eyes were and how serious I was about this.

"No." He leaned back in his chair grinning. This wasn't funny.

"I told you. I'm not leaving until the assignment is over, and as of now it's not over." I crossed my arms and gave him a look.

"I'm not telling them to stop. I told you, you're not leaving." He narrowed his eyes at me, I raised my eyebrow.

"You don't call them off, I kill them." I smiled and he glared.

"Fine." He growled and waved his hand in a dismissal. I smiled and strutted out of the room in victory. But I checked the security cameras before I went to bed just to be sure that the men were really gone. 

My alarm went off at six the next morning and I got up and went for a run before heading to the park where everyone was supposed to be meeting for training. It was already crowded when I got there. Everyone stopped and turned my way, parents pushed their kids behind them in fear. Geez, I thought, "when they find out you kill people, it's all 'hide your kids before she eats them.'" I laughed to myself which only resulted in more fearful looks.  

I walked up to Tristan and the rest of them. They looked tired. Stacey was leaning against Jace, I wasn't positive she was even awake.

"Are these them?" I asked looking at a group of twenty super tall, super muscular guys. I looked them over, sizing them up but a growl from Tristan drew my attention away.

I raised an eyebrow, "Yes, these are them now quit ogling them." He growled. Even when he's mad at me he gets jealous. 

"Well Tristan tells me you guys are the best fighters in human form, so I need you to help teach the self defense lessons to the younger ones." They nodded accepting the order without complaint.

"Good. Make sure everyone knows the rule. No blood." I said. They nodded and starting taking groups of the teenagers and kids aside.

I made my way around the park, watching each lesson to make sure the guys were teaching it properly. I heard a sharp cry and I made my way over to one of the groups. A girl around eleven was lying on the ground, a huge gash going up the length of her arm. Her friends were kneeling by her making sure she was okay. I looked to the guy who was standing there smiling and I growled. I walked up to him, grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the nearest tree making it crack.

"Can you not hear, or are you just stupid?" I snarled in his face. He growled back at me making me narrow my eyes.

"Back off bitch it was an accident." He said trying to get me to let go of his throat, it only made me hold on tighter. We had drawn in a crowd and Tristan was standing behind me growling at the guy when he called me a bitch.

"Call me a bitch one more time and I'll shoot your balls off with the gun in my jacket." His eyes widened in fear and my wolf grinned at the sight.

"Now answer my question." I slammed him against the tree again.

"I did it on purpose, I thought it would be fun." He choked out starting to gasp for air. But his answer only made me angrier so I squeezed a little tighter.

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