chapter 5: Time

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     "The Elders want to talk to you. That's why I came looking for you."

    "ok." I got up and swept my hands over my dress robe to get the excess leaves and dirt off.

     "Their on the cliff." Niêm blurts out.

    "Realy?!" I turn towards the cliff and ponder on my way to the Elders.

    The cliff is where we see humans. its our "Idiot box." ..

    why would they be calling me over there?

     hmmm. I got there and saw the elders huddled together in a heated discussion.

    "Impossible! its not time yet."

  "but it's suppose to happen befor the bonding"

"but the bonding won't be the same. something is bound to happen if we do."


"Hellow Violet!" says the shortest of the five.

"who's bonding won't be the same?!"

I ask.     

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