Ch. 1

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We are perfectly fine, but kid still hating his ol' non symmetry brace. 

I'm just meeting Liz and patty, kid's weapons.

We got new mission to do, beat some nasty monster.

I will stay with my sword, kid got Liz and patty. 

I jumped and swoop sword at monster's neck. It spilt apart.

Good work! Kid were yelled at me. 

Suddenly it turn into red ball. 

I took it, kid yelled to me, are you meister or weapon?

I am animal, I reliped back.

Animal? What you mean?

Never mind I reply again.

Liz and patty needed that ball, it soul of creature who eat other soul, it call krishen egg.

Weapon eat those that make those became death syche. Kid chatters.

I give it to Liz, she spilt it with patty.

Both yell to kid, thank for meal! And walked away.

Kid looked to me, wanna going out?

I reliped, yes what place?

He says, that place I always use my skill there.

Really? I lays hand on his shoulder.

Yes, meet me in front of DWMA tomorrow morning. Kid reliped.

BTW don't forget to use dirty clothes or cowboy themes.

Uhh? I wondered what that with cowboy outfit.

I ride my race car to my house.

Saturday morning,

I dressed into my cowgirl outfit.

It had pink cowgirl hat, hot pink plaid outfit, and plain jean, black cowgirl boot.

I walked to DWMA...

I saw kid riding his horse! He using black cowboy hat with three stripes as his hair. And all black cowboy outfit, it so CUTE and he smiled at me, it make me blush a bit. 

His horse is very BIG! It black and white mitten crysadle. 

He say hop on, cowgirl. 

I hold his back..

He say, Heel ZEUS!

Zeus ran very fast than my race car! 

I really feel like falling off Zeus but I hold kid's back tightly. 

He running to farm...

I saw kid's house it almost like mine, he had barn for Zeus.

We ran around grassland, it fun! 

It lot different than begin as pink cat. i wondered.


I close my eyes and holding kid.

Zeus jumped over a big thick log! 

Kid told me that Zeus had trained this for 7 years! 

I was excited looking around ranch.

it my first date, it turn out, it fun!

He teach me how to ride on horse.

i got fell off zeus many times but kid never give up catching me.

but i doing well, zeus is sweet but ran fast.

after that we hop on kid's blimp at night.

blimp starts to floats, it VERY HIGH! about 30,000 yards from ground!

i was nervous about falling off blimp than zeus.

we lay on top of blimp, looking at stars.

suddendly, my cellphone rumbles.

i hardly reach it because i stiff with fear because it HIGH!

i got it, i looked at message, it maka.

she say i must go to meeting about big mission.

i tell her that i on date with kid ON BLIMP!

WHAT! maka yelled through cellphone.

i hang up, and ask kid for land blimp near DWMA. we had Mission Meeting.

kid pull string to call driver to lands

got it, kid reliped.

i open cellphone, maka, we will make grand entrance, look for BIG blimp k.

maka stood up near DWMA

Kid's blimp lands near maka, HI! we yelled on maka.


we looking at stars close on blimp.

maka reliped to me, it amazing idea!

we jumped off a blimp, it about 50 yard away.

but i know i will die! kid say we will not.

suddendly blimp blow a trampoilnes.

we landed on trampolines, it awesome!

we ran up to maka, where meeting.

maka lead us to meeting.

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