Chapter 10

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Stefens POV

So today after the great fight. I got suspended. Like I care, all I cared about that Alex was okay.  I doubt she was I mean her parents plus Dylan. I decided to wait for her st her house.

Alex's POV

It was Friday. Yay! I can go home, it was my last class and it was photography. I loved taking pictures it calmed me just like music did. The bell rang and I raced to my locker and then to my car and drove home. When I got home I saw Stefen. I got out and walked toward him. "Hi Stef" I said unlocking the door. "Hey Alex, can we talk?" he asked while running his fingers through his hair. Man he looked fucking sexy. No stop Alex. "Yeah, sure" I said walking into my house, he followed. "Well I just wanted to see if you were okay. I mean with everything." he said. "I think I'm okay I mean I just don't know anymore." I said trying to keep the tears back. "Alex... Can I see your arms?" he asked sounding worried. "Wh-why?" I asked. Last week I couldn't take losing my parents. And it had been so long since I self harmed but I had my scars. Stefen and Jordan were the only people who knew about it. "Please" he asked. I rolled my sleeves up and showed him. There were six new ones. I was crying because I hated the way he looked at them. He bent his down to my arm and kissed all of them. "I'm sorry" I managed to get out. "Alex please don't hurt your self anymore." he said softly. "I-I love you Alex. I don't want you to hurt your self anymore, it hurts me." he said pulling me in for a hug. "I love you too Stef." I said back.

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