Would You Rather

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Would you rather be with someone right now, someone who you only like a few things about them, but those things seem to outweigh the bad even though you know in 5 years those bad things will seem even bigger than they are now and you will get tired of that person because of those things and no matter what you'll never feel completely in love with them. Something will always be missing, you may have dozens of relationships like this, but you don't care because you just want someone to call you theirs and someone to call yours


Would you rather wait for someone to come along, someone whom you love everything about them, including all of their imperfections, and you know that you'll love them 20+ years from now even when you've grown old, tired, and ornery because you love those things so much that you just know they'll never get old to you and no matter how much they annoy you, you just know that you'll love them anyway, you'll forgive them always because true love conquers all,

Would you rather wait for the one person you can imagine growing old with AND still being in love with that person even on their death bed, even on your death bed or spend your life squirming through half-meaningless relationships?

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