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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 4

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Chapter 4
Animal Warfare

I'm so...tired?
Is that the right word?
No, exhausted? Was I supposed to feel anything? Why can't I see anything?
Confusion swept my mind, questions dominated my thoughts.
"She will make a fine subject." Who was that? A man. I know it's a man.
"She better be worth it, nearly took my hand off." Another man, but it was definitely familiar. A deep, raspy voice though the memory of hearing it was fuzzy.
Willing my eyes to open was a definite struggle, my lids twitching and taking much longer to lift than thought possible.
"Ah, and sleeping beauty arises..." A smooth, cynical voice like hot steel to the ears. Accented, fluent and all around dreamy. The sound was hypnotic, willing me back to my previous coma. But was I supposed to be here? My gut lurched even in my confusion. Something is definitely wrong.
"Aw, my dearest are you perhaps...frightened?" My mind was still hazed though I managed to detect the insincerity in his voice.
These were not good people. A quick, cold laugh made me jump from my seat.
The seat that had my arms and legs bound in sinister looking shackles. Even with the no doubt drug-induced fog, I felt every hair on the back of my neck and counted the chills down my spine.
"Seems like she's finally figuring it out." The gruff voice was blatantly amused, the duo preferring to stay out of my vision.
" I?" The dry, croaked voice that came from my mouth was hardly my own. A dry feeling sent signals to smack my lips in protest.
"Well, you lucky girl have been chosen for experimentation!" Finally, the first figure came into my vision with a plastic cup of water. It was pushed against my lips and the small amount hydrated my voice. When the water was pressed to my tongue all thoughts of possible contamination flew from the forefront of my mind and I hoped I wouldn't come to regret my actions.
"But i'm sure you would like more information, yes?" I nodded hesitantly, his cheery demeanor hardly concealed the scent of crazy.
"Your body will be our play ground! Chemicals will be inserted and maybe if i'm in a good enough mood and you behave nicely, I'll let you play with the 'others'." His emphasis on 'others' sent uneasy chills through my bound body.
"Oh but of course, we start now!" I jerked away in fear, fighting the unyielding metal.
"No! You can't do this!" He only laughed merrily and whistled a high, two toned note. Black figures of assumably bulky men filed in and unclasped me. I felt the short three second of freedom before I was brutally laid back onto cold metal. I went to scream for help, not that anyone would hear, and a thick cloth was tied around my mouth.
"Be good little wild cat." Something was off in his tone, something sinister and secretive. His face was a canvas of emotions, ranging from all-around madness to realization.
"Take it to Lab 4, habitat 67." His use of 'it' seemed more urgent than to the common eye. Was I no longer considered human?

No, because now I'm his test subject.

AN: So, I didn't get to the part where it explains just whats happening to her. Yeah, I know-"Where are the Avengers?!" Coming. But this is like her background story, what makes her special and is EXTREMELY important as to why she meets the Avengers blah blah blah. Thanks for reading, Comment, Vote-If you want...

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