(Unedited Chapter)

It was like a time bomb set into motion

We knew that we were destined to explode (destined to explode)

And if I have to pull you out of the wreckage

You know I'm never gonna let you let me go

We're like a time bomb

Gonna lose it, let's defuse it

Baby we're like a time bomb

But I need it

Wouldn't have it any other way

The sounds of my clapping cause the guys to look up from their instruments. Alex was catching his breath from singing a couple of songs. Zack was wiping sweat from his palms on his pants and Jack was already placing his guitar on the guitar stand. Rian stood up from behind his drums and wipe the sweats dripping down his forehead.

The rest of the guys put away their instruments before heading to the worn-out couch that I was sitting on.

Currently we were at Jack's place,having band practice. Well,the guys are having band practice. I'm just hanging around,being their only audience.

We all chatted with one another,each having a cup of Starbucks in each hand. The guys have an upcoming gig in two weeks time and they are beyond excited. Jack's friend,Abby,was responsible for getting the vacant slot for them. Her dad is the manager of this local gig where they introduced new bands that needs publicity. That's when she told her dad about Jack's band and BOOM,they got a slot. So they started practicing hard so they will be ready and in tip-top shape for the day. But honestly if you were to ask me,they are already amazing to need anymore practice.


"Bye guys!" We heard Jack's shout as we wave at him and let Zack's car drive us off. He dropped us at Alex's place and we waved him and Rian goodbye. I followed Alex into his house. I decided to stay over at his house for a while as I wasn't ready yet to go home.

"Movie?" He suggested. I agreed and he went off to grab something in his room. I took a glance at the watch on the wall. Eight in the evening. I texted my mom and told her where I was,in which she replied 'Ok'. Just as I shoved back my phone into my pocket pants,Alex got down from upstairs with layers and layers of blankets. He dropped them on me,covering me from head to toe and walked off to the kitchen. I mumbled profanities as I pulled the covers from my head. He got back with a bowl of popcorn and hand it to me. He stepped towards the DVD player and ask, "Any perferences?"

"Anything. " I replied back as I was shoving popcorn into my mouth. I heard him shuffling around until he walk back to me.

We snuggled comfortably under the thick blankets as we waited for the movie to start. A grin emerged on my face as I saw Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly standing across from one another with the movie title in between them.


Halfway through the movie, my eyelids started feeling heavy so I snuggled closer to Alex and placed my head on his chest. I felt his hands crawled up to my head and started playing with my hair. With the playful movement of his hands and the soothing sounds of his heart beat on my ears,sleep engulfs me as I closed my eyes and lost myself in darkness.


A movement jolts me out of my sleep and I slowly peeled my eyes open. I blinked a few times as my eyes adjusted to the darkness. The TV was switched off so I assumed Alex did it. I still ha my head on his chest so i lifted myself up. A flickered of paper on the table in front of my eyes caught my attention so I took it.

It reads:'Alex and Lucky,there's some leftover food in the fridge if you guys are awake and hungry. xoxo Mum.'

I smiled at the hospitality of Alex's mom. I glanced at the wall clock. Two in the morning. I stretched and let out a huge yawn. I got up and head towards the bathroom kitchen to release my bladder.

After doing my business, I went back and noticed that Alex has shifted from his sitting position so he is now lying across the couch. I sat at the edge and examined his face with a grin spread on my face.

He looks so peaceful as he sleeps. His chest slowing went up and down,following his slow breathing and his lips parted a bit. A strand of hair falls from his fringe falls on his eyes so I brushed it off.

My touch on his face cause him to stir and a few seconds later,his eyes slowly opens,exposing his chocolate colored eyes. He gives me a smile that's deep in sleep. "Hey. What time is it?"

"Hey. " I softly replied back. "It's about two in the morning." We didn't talk as we stared at each other,letting our eyes do the talking. My hand started carressing his cheek with my thumb. He slowly got himself up,closing the distance between us until we were inches apart. My hand dropped to my side and he took his turn to carress my cheek. Heat rushed up to my face and I prayed,that he didn't notice the warmness.

My heart picks up the speeds as he leans forward and closing the gap. My soft lips met his rough ones. A touch of spark flickered,making me smile between the kisses. He was leading the kiss so I just followed along. My hands crawled up to his hair and tangled them in between my fingers while his went around my waist,pulling me closer and deepening the kiss.

After what felt like an eternity,we gasps for air as we parted our lips from each other. Both breathing deeply,trying to catch out breaths. Our hands were still secured around one another while our foreheads lean together. I had my eyes closed and tried to calm down my frantic beating heart and the butterflies in my stomach.

But the only thing that goes inside my mind was Zayn's disappointed face.


Hello there earthlings! I'm loving this chapter because like FINALLY someone makes a move. But pity Lucky because now situation's getting more complicated for her.

But hey,between all that, at least she got a kiss.

If there's some weird spacing in this chapter because I'm uploading this from my iphone. So apologise if there's weird spacing, error spelling and also if this chapter shorter than usual because I can't tell the number of words here.

But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I had fun making this.


Hope you have a good day/night.


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