Chapter Four-Demonia in Louisiana-(Epilogue)

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Father Hart Westland was nervous.

He stared at the woman.

"It is God's way of seeking absolution. We have in Louisiana, The Faith. No one has it these days. Sin and wickedness are rife.

"Let God and Jesus Christ save you. He will save us all; he will save us...And cleanse the evil from the World".

He had greying, black colored hair, blue colored eyes. And tall. He wore a purple colored cassock, black colored trousers, a black colored belt, a silver colored cross on across his neck, brown colored socks, and black colored shoes on his feet.

On his right hand was a silver colored watch.

He noticed the woman's hair was grey colored.

And was wearing a black colored dress.

"Fiathe sdo mse dominibi a gaogog".


"It is not a language. It is dead. No matter. It is something of faith. A different faith. It bleeds sin; it bleeds, and bleeds".

"Do you have faith?".

"I don't need faith; I need to get rid of the demonia". She bowed. She grasped her hands on the brown colored pews; she grasped at the Father's cassock.

"No matter. I seek things that dwell in the darkness. They come because they're powerful. The Catholic Church is dead".

"It is working through the issues...".

"No! 2,000 years have passed; 2,000 years of faith. There's nothing left in the Catholic Church; there's only condemnation of failures".

"That is unfortunate".

"Nothing is unfortunate, Father. it is truth. The Truth is demonia is here. Demons. Why do we let them possess us?; Why do we let them into our sinful bodies?; Why do we seek them? It's because we can't go to Church, we go to Them".

"Do not make judgements on Them. They order us; they order us. Yes. Now, why do the bonding between humans and Fallen Angels exist?".

"Because Heaven show us the way".

"Heaven is a false land. It is not The Way. Do we suffer because Jesus suffered? And God suffered? Did Loki, the jester, suffer? No. Loki tricked God, and jested about like a lark. Yes. And Loki was thrown out of Heaven.

"That, and the sinful Fallen Angels, did so...because they hated God. There's a Fallen Angel Demon who suffered because her parents did a evil thing. And summoned evil into the World. And she knows all".


"Yes, a hybrid girl. She was gone from their prisons. She is in a home. Oh, she has wings. And flies. And a man is besotted with her. Yes, besotted. He, though, is not a man. But a...other. Something else.

"And, as such, dwells in other places.

"He protects her. Yet he knows his faith is over. There comes a time to fight back. Yet, Father, this is not so; this is fate".

"Are you a psychic?".

"Oh, I am more, Father".

"I feel that you want to vent".

"My time is short, Father. It is foretold that one man shall come to seek his faith in other ways. One man who dismisses the supernatural, occult, and paranormal. One man who needs to be told what is going to happen.

"That man is you, Father".

"I am a Father; I am a Priest".

"The barriers of time demand sacrifice".

"We all sacrifice. Women; a family; a life. We sacrifice for serving Him". He gazed at the woman's face.


"Yes, but I am one of God's children".

"Has God told you that your work is worthy?".


"Has he seen your work? Has he attended your sermons on Sunday mornings?". She wanted to know if he was a seeker of truth.

"He knows me".

"He is dead".


"Death is something to behold. Thy sinners beside us dwell in shadows. Take forth to the Dark, and spread cheer to the Others".

"This conversation has no bearing-".

"And so burst forth thy demons; and so burst forth thy heathens. And come to us thy Faithful. And savor thy sinful ones".

"Sinning is a crime".

"There's more to life than preparing a semon. Sermons that are full of fire and brimestone...and fantasy. It is to scare children so that they will shiver in bed...And think God will induce their hearts to stop through terror.

"And isn't that is what The Old Religion tells us.

"To fear God".

"God doesn't punish us".

"He does".


"Has he come here to judge you? Yes. I judge because I am a Demonia". She grinned. A cold breeze wafted from nowhere.

"You're a demon?".

"No. I am half demon; half Angel".

"Will you kill me?".

"Oh, to spill your blood in a Holy place is to feed their anger. I do not do so. I am here to warn you, Father".

"And that is?".

"Savor this night. It is a place of freedom. Yet others may come to disrupt this harmonious atmosphere".



"Other demons".

"And Fallen Angels".

"And others".

The Father didn't want to play this game.

"I shall inform my Cardinal".

"Oh, he is always praying. And decieving". She looked into his eyes. She stared around to see other worshippers.

They were only 5 of them in the pews, praying.

"Come to the Confession box", the Father informed her.

And she smiled.


The woman opened the red colored curtain.

"Tell me your sins?", the Father asked.

She closed the curtain.

And she kissed him on the mouth...and took his soul before he could scream.


The girl moved along the pews.

She saw someone go into the curtains.


When she peered inside, the Father was dead.

And there was no sign of the woman worshipper who'd had had murdered him. She backed away in fear, then fled the Church...and knew that evil had taken his life...And that her Church was now tainted from the touch of Satan.



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