So now we’re settled in our new temporary home, it’s not as nice as the other two but it’s liveable. I’m walking now, helping Lucas put stuff in cupboards. We didn’t have time to grab as much as we wanted at the last house, I open up the next bag, the last bag and pull out the last item, noodles. But where are my peaches? I need my canned peaches; I love them! No! Damn you Robo for chasing me away from my peaches. Oh well, I’ll just eat something else, and then I’ll get chased away from them. Ugh.

“What you thinking that could make you pull such a childish face?” I look to my right and see Lucas looking back with a smile tugging at his lips. My lips however are making a sad child pout. I keep pulling the face and slouch a bit. I look at Lucas acting really sad and I pretend to sob.

“My peaches.” I fake sob, Lucas’ face turns into a fake show of sympathy; he comes over and takes me in his arms, fake comforting me.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry Mika, I wish I could get you back your peaches. I’m sorry.” I carry on fake sobbing, but eventually we end up laughing. I’m still in Lucas’ arms when whilst we laugh and when we finally calm down. We stay there, looking into each other’s eyes.

“Having a moment? I thought you two had a love hate relationship, not a love hug relationship.” Spencer smirks from the kitchen doorway. I pull away from Lucas, who didn’t – by the look on his face – want me to. Weirdo.

“Lucas was just comforting me.” I sniff, still playing around.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Spencer looks genuinely worried.

“We left behind the peaches, I loved those peaches, Spence and now I can’t stand being away from them.” Spence finally catches on that we’re mucking around and he joins in, he comes up and gives me a big hug; what is it with these men and hugs?

“Oh Mika, I’m feeling your pain.”

“It’s so hard for me Spence! I finally found something I could rely on and now it’s gone.” We all know my double meaning, I wasn’t just playing about the peaches but that statement was also about them, and they get that. Lucas joins in the hug and we all cling to each other for a few minutes, all play gone out of us. Then Lucas steps away and pulls me to look at him, Spencer lays a hand on my shoulder whilst Lucas wipes a tear from my cheek. God, it’s a small gesture but it knocks me right off my feet, not literally of course.

I turn away and walk to pick out my room, I don’t do well with showing emotions and that was a freaking emotion party!

Lucas’ POV

What was that about? I don’t know why I did that, I know Mika’ doesn’t do well with emotion and I just showed some of the raw stuff. No wonder she walked out. I look a Spencer who’s looking at me with a smile on his face.

“What?” I ask him but he just continues smiling like a goon.

“Fine then don’t tell me.” I shrug and turn to finish off putting the stuff in the cupboard but it’s all done. I sigh and turn back to Spencer who’s stopped smiling and is now looking contemplative and standing with his thumb and pointer finger in a tick shape on his chin.

“What you thinking Spence?”

“Oh it’s nothing.”

“It’s obviously something Spence, otherwise you wouldn’t be standing there like that.”  He pulls his fingers off his chin and leans against the kitchen bench.

“Do you think Mika doesn’t show her emotion for a reason? I mean, I know her past was crap, with her dad dying and all but,” Hold on.

“How do you know about her past?” I interrupt him.

“I’ve read the sheet, when she dropped it I wanted to know what could’ve possibly shocked her like it did, so I picked it up and read it and it wasn’t until I saw her picture that I knew it was her.” Spencer looks down shamefully. I sigh, damn that piece of paper!

“Two things did get me thinking though.”

“What are they then?” I lean against the bench next to him, resting my hands on the edge of the small sink.

“The first was that it said she hasn’t been seen since the Robo took over, so where was she?” I shrug at his observation; acting like it’s no big deal when in fact I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

“And the next?” I ask him.

“In the picture, her eyes are the wrong colour. Her eyes are green, but in the picture they’re grey, almost silver.” I’ve got to give it to Spence, I didn’t pick that up, how could she have different eye colour? Contacts disappeared ages ago; she couldn’t have access to them at all and if she did have some then they would’ve gone all yucky and we would’ve seen them. I’m about to ask Spencer a question when I see Mika in the doorway with her arms crossed. God she’s beautiful.

“I’ve picked my room, and there’s only one left so I suggest you either race for it or settle it like men.” Her lips tug into a small but smug smile. Spencer and I look at each other with a play glare, Mika catches this and she starts us off.

“On your marks, get set…go!” And we’re off, pushing past Mika, out of the kitchen and down the hall to see who gets to the bedroom first.

Mika’ POV

I watch them run down the hall, pushing each other into the walls. Boys.

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