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???’s POV

            “Are you sure you want to go to this meeting? We should just skip like we always do. Simca won’t care,” a hooded figure asks another. They were in a dark alley, just outside a storm raider meeting. All hooded figures had on the same jacket, but each of their outfits were altered differently.

            “Miku, this meeting may not be all that important. Besides, we should really be scaring off challengers,” another hooded figure pulls down their hood, revealing short brown hair and reddish-brown eyes. Miku does a roundhouse kick, stopping with her foot in front of the asker’s face.

            “Meito, what is on my A-T?” Miku glares at him through the darkness.

            “The Noir Regalia,” Meito answers.

            “Give him a break,” one of the other hooded figures says. “We’ve been in this for four years.”

            “Shut up Kamui,” Miku puts her foot down. One by one, everyone puts their hoods down.

            “Rin, Len.” She rolls her eyes and turns away from the group.

            “1,” Rin inspected her nails.

            “2,” Len formed a grin on his face.

            “Know your place,” Miku instructs. “Lily.”

            “Yes ma’am,” a long haired blond smiles.

            “You hold the Frost Regalia. Keep it that way,” the leader orders. “Kaito, it’s time.” Miku puts her hood back on after it fell from her previous action. A dark blue haired boy nods and puts his hood back on with the others.

Lily’s POV

            “Who are they?” a voice whispers to another, only to receive disapproving shakes from his peers. I smirk, loving the attention and being dressed for success. I wore baggy cargo pants with a black sports bra and my team jacket, which I cropped myself, the emblem big on the back.

            “Lily… These people are underestimating us,” Rin tugs on my jacket, but I wasn’t paying attention to her. There was a boy with spiky dark hair chasing Simca like a pet would after a ball.

            “Attention,” a voice calls. I look up and notice Spitfire standing on top of a van. So he actually was riding…

            “Gotcha,” the dark haired boy from before smirks. People in the crowd gasp and point fingers.

            “He’s a part of Sleeping Forest?” and “I haven’t seen that sticker in a long time” were passed around amongst everyone. Kamui turned to Kaito and he shrugged, not exactly sure what was going on.

            “The cops!” someone shouts. Soon, the gathering around for a race turned into a mad dash for safety as the park was bombarded with police cars and vans.

            “Split up and meet at the graffiti wall,” Miku instructs before disappearing into the crowd and out of sight. Rin and Len take off as one of the officers steps out. He has long white hair and menacing eyes. But the peculiar thing was he took out a cage that held a boy inside and unlocked it. The boy stepped out and wore an orange straightjacket with A-Ts, but the aura he gave off wasn’t normal at all.

            “It’s a shark attack and you know I hate the ocean,” Meito jumps on top of one of the police cars and makes a break for it. Looking around, I notice most of the people are still here… included Spitfire. He leaves in a flurry of fire and smoke, but I could still see his shadow and sped off in his direction. It was a little difficult to keep up with him after he passed through a lot of back ways and side streets. Soon, he stopped on the roof of a semi-familiar building.

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