Ellas POV:

"Well alright then boys. If you've had enough time gaping at my master piece then I think we should go now" Jodi steps in front of the boys to regain their attention and I feel my body cool instantly once Harrys gaze is no longer on me.

I feel so nervous all of a sudden. It's got to be the clothes. They're exposing far to much of my body than I'm used to and I don't know if I can go out in public like this.

"Where are you going?" Jodi snaps as I try to sneakily make my way back to my room.

"Uhh I was just...." I mutter off as I can't think of anything on the spot.

"I know what you're doing. We had a deal remember" she says raising her light brown eyebrows at me, knowing full well I was going to change into something else.

"What deal?" Zac asks and Jodi turns back to the boys though I spot Harry looking at me from around her.

I give him a shy smile as I stand awkwardly on the other side of the couch and he smiles brightly back, his dimple out on full display.

"A girls deal. Now lets go" she answers before grabbing Zacs hand and leading him out the front door.

"Bit of a fire cracker isn't she" Harry comments as we too make our way out.

"I like her" I say honestly and I see Harry smile.

Once we're out of my apartment I shut the front door behind us and pull my keys out to lock the door. As I look through my bag I can feel Harrys intense gaze as he leans against the wall waiting for me. I finally find my keys and almost drop them through my shaking hands. What the hell is wrong with me?

"You look really nice Ella" Harry says cooly as I lock the door.

I look up at him and can tell he's being genuine for once. That's a change. He never gives me compliments. Only ever flirtacious remarks that were worn with a smirk as he purposely tried to annoy me.

"Thanks" I say quietly.

"You're welcome" he smiles and I feel a strange feeling surge through my body as we walk down the stairs to the carport.

Harry is acting seriously weird tonight. He never uses his manners towards me. And if he does, I can see right through it cause he says it in the most cheesy form imaginable. Maybe he's already started drinking or something. And maybe his drunk personality is polite and sweet rather than egotistical and cheeky.

Zac has already taken the front seat of Harrys Audi while Jodi sits in the back behind him. Harry and I both get in the car at the same time to which Jodi gives us a suspicious glare.

"What?" I whisper to her as I put my seat belt on.

"Nothing" she responds, giving Harry one last look before she two clicks her seatbelt.

"So where are we going exactly?" I ask no one in particular as we start heading out of my road.

"Matt's" Zac responds, turning around so he can talk to me properly, "He's throwing a bit of a leaving party for Harry here before the two of you jet off over to England"

I nod in response and look out the window, nervousness rushing over me as I realise I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.

"Don't worry, us girls will stick together" Jodi squeezes my hand reassuringly with a smile which I kindly return.

It's weird how much Jodi notices small things. I doubt anyone else would have noticed how nervous I'm feeling right now though some how she new exactly the words to keep me held together. I'm glad I have her to stick with the whole night. Even though she's with Zac, she seems like the type to stick by a girlfriends side when in need which I greatly respect. If it was just Harry who had come to pick me up and take me to this party I had no idea about, I probably would have told him to turn back around and drop me home.

"So, you excited about England Ella?" Zac asks, only momentarily looking back to me this time.

"Of course she is" Harry answers for me and I meet his green eyes in the rear view mirror, "She's moving in with me" he finishes with a wink and I restrain from rolling my eyes. It's his last night out with his friends and I don't want to ruin it by bickering with him.

Usually I'd scoff at his playfulness but relief clings to me instead as Harry seems like his normal self once more. He was acting a bit weird in the apartment.

"You're moving in together?" Jodi questions and I look away from Harrys bright eyes.

"Uhh well I'm moving in to the guest house at the back of Harry and his fathers home while I look for an apartment" I explain and the stress that once held her features dissapears.

Why did she look so frightened at the thought of me moving in with Harry? Not that I ever would but she looked so scared I almost wanted to laugh. She must be just as horrified by the thought as I am.

"Oh nice. Have you been to the UK before?" Zac asks and I shake my head in response.

"You're going to love it. Oh! And all the shopping we can do together" Jodi shrills and I can see she's excited.

"Wohoo!" Zac sarcastically copies her excitement and she quickly reaches forward and hits his arm, making all of us laugh at her outburst.

"Don't be rude" Jodi pouts.

"Sorry love" he apologizes sweetly, turning around to give her a small smile to which she leans forward and gives him a small kiss on the cheek.

I see Harry roll his eyes in the rear view mirror which makes me want to hit him for being so rude. I've seen him all lovey dovey like this before with girls, mind you it probably wasn't real like it is between Jodi and Zac.

"Alright love birds we're here" Harry says as he pulls up in front of a long drive way thats full of cars.

Once I get out and walk to the front of the car, I can see the flashing lights coming from the house at the end of the driveway along with loud thumping music.


"We won't be here long I promise" Harry says, leaning on the bonnet of the car while we wait for Zac and Jodi to organize themselves.

"It's your leaving party Harry. You can stay here as long as you want" I say standing only a couple of feet away from him, "I can always just take a taxi home anyway"

"No no no" he smiles while shaking his head, "I'm taking you in to the city tonight."

I let out a small sigh as I know Harry will get his way. He seems extra persist tonight so there's no doubt in my mind that I won't be going home when I want to.

We start making our way up to the house, both the boys leading the way through the dark while Jodi links her arm with mine.

"We'll have fun tonight. Don't worry" she says and I can see her perfect teeth smiling through the dark.

The small house is packed with people who begin cheering as soon as Harry walks through the door. Multiple people greet him as we make our way through to the living room and I already feel overwhelmed by the scene that unfolds infront of me. There's a couple making out on the couch to my left though at the rate their going I'm going to say they need a room ASAP. Next to them is a few girls just casually talking to eachother even though they're being pressed against by the random couple who don't seem to care. Outside I can see smokers chatting away while the room we currently stand in is filled with intoxicated bodies trying to dance with one another though they're not doing a good job at it as they keep stumbling over while they try to move.

"Good god, do these people have no class" Jodi comments looking down at the couple on the couch and I let out a small laugh which no one notices as the music is so loud.

"C'mon lets go get a drink" she says pulling me away from the crowded room but I instanstly feel a pull on my other hand, making me turn around.

"Where are you going?" Harry says leaning into me so I can hear him, the smell of his cologne hitting me as he does so.

"We're just going to get a drink for Jodi" I say though he still doesn't let my hand go.

"And you Ella" I hear Jodi say from my side, making Harry momentarily look away from me.

"Don't let anyone else give you a drink. Only Jodi ok?" he says looking at me intently.

"Ok" I nod and he finally lets go of my hand, letting me follow Jodi into the kitchen while he continues to greet people.

It's a little quieter in here, only a few people walking about finding cups and bowls to take outside.

"Wine?" Jodi asks as she shows me her bottle.

"Ahh no thank you. I don't drink" I say politely to her offer.

"You don't drink?" She asks, pulling out two wine glasses from the cupboard anyway.

"No not really. Just on certain occasions I guess"

"Zac doesn't drink either so you're going to have to be my drinking buddy tonight. Besides, this is an occasion. You're going to be leaving soon and we need to celebrate" she says pouring two glasses full of red wine, "What have you got to lose?"

"Alright Iet's do it" I smile nervously as I take the glass from the bench.

I had only been drunk a couple of times during my high school years and they're not particulary proud moments I want to share nor do I want to relive. Since high school I had only had a couple of glasses of wine at things such as weddings or 21sts, never just at random parties.

"To new friends and a new adventure for you Miss. Lane" Jodi smiles raising her glass up to which I toast with her before taking a small sip.

The wine is ok, though I don't think I'll ever quite get use to the bitter taste.

"Shall we push through the beautiful scene that is the living room and go outside?" she asks and I nod in agreement, thankful that she doesn't want to join that crowed.

We make our way through the raging party goers and finally get to the large deck at the back. There's a few people outside smoking and talking, the odd drunk girl squeeling with laughter though they seem a lot more relaxed then those inside. Jodi and I take a seat on the small bench that runs around the entire deck. I can imagine the house being quite nice once all the beer bottles and cigarette smell dissapear along with all the people tomorrow, though right now everything is dimly lit and loud.

"So about Harry, I just wanted to -"

"Hello ladies" some tanned guy with black hair and tattoos running up his neck interrupts Jodi.

"Hi...." I finally respond since Jodi just stares at him as if he is the most pathetic thing in the world.

And I can see why. He's obviously stoned off his face, you can smell it all over him though he seems pretty relaxed which I don't mind. I'd prefer relaxed rather than drunk and aggresive.

Harrys POV:

"One more! One more!" the three girls squeel at the same time, sending a sharp pain through my blurry head.

The boys had already constantly shoved drinks in my face about an hour ago and now these three ladies, as hot as they are, won't stop pouring shots for me which is starting to get annoying as I've been sitting here with them for what seems like forever.

"Only one more" I say taking the shot glass from the blonde girls hand who I think is called Anna.

I take the shot and let the hot liquid burn down my throat, forcing myself to swallow down the last few drops. God that was horrible.

"Yay!" the girls clap and I give them a small smile before putting the glass back down on the small coffee table.

"What can we do now?" the Anna girl slides her hand up my thigh and I shiver under her touch.

"Uhhh" I say a little distracted as her hand nears my crotch. The other two girls leave the couch once they realise their friend is making a move, leaving me to deal with the hot girl on my lap.

"I think there's a spare room up stairs if you want to, you know.." she suggests, batting her long lashes at me.

Just as I'm about to surrender I hear a familiar laugh coming from somewhere behind me.

I turn around to scan the deck that is dimly lit, my head slightly spinning as I do so. The blondie turns around with me, curiously wondering what I'm looking at.

I finally spot the origin. It's Ella laughing with Jodi and a couple of random guys who I can't see as their backs are facing me. Ella throws her head back in laughter after one of the guys whispered something in her ear and I immediately stand to my feet. I don't know what's come over me but I don't like the sight of her with that guy. She's far too good for anyone at this party. The room only slightly tilts as I leave the blonde on the couch and walk over to laughing group. I'm a little bit drunk but not so much that I can't walk reasonably straight.

All of them look up to me once I reach them though I only look at Ella who is smiling at me with the most precious look in her eyes. She never looks at me like that.

"We're going" I trying to say calmly though I really want to just pull her away from these losers. Even though this was my leaving party, it was only expected that a few randoms would show up, these guys being a few of them.

"Oh ok" she smiles standing to her feet, wobbling a little as she tries to hold onto her red cup.

Fuck is she drunk?

"It was lovely to meet you" she beams giving the three random guys a small kiss on the cheek. The last guy holds her by her waist a little too long as she says her goodbyes to him and I feel my hands bawl at my sides. Why am I getting angry over this? She's just saying goodbye to a few people and Jodi is doing the exact same thing. After a long and apparently funny conversation between Ella and that guy both her and Jodi start walking towards me, both of them trying to act as sober as possible but I've seen Ella sober and she doesn't act anything like this.

"Are you ok?" I ask her as she stumbles forward a little.

"I'm fine"she smiles, "Are you having a good time?"

Of course she's only worried about me. Whenever it's someones 'day' Ella will give anything to make sure it's perfect. Even though she basically despises me, every birthday I have she puts in extra effort not to be so short with me, making sure I get exactly what I want, when I want. Even if I'm being a complete asshole. I have no idea why she's stuck around so long, I love her to bits but I know I annoy the hell out of her. I guess that's why I like her so much. She puts up with a lot of my crap and somehow we've become playful friends from it.

Before I can answer someone else speaks up.

"Cya Ella" the boy with the multiple tattoos calls out as we walk off.

"Bye Damian" she waves back at him and I see him give her a wink which makes her giggle.

Since when did she giggle at guys winking at her? I always wink at her and she just rolls her eyes at me! I grab Ellas hand not caring what she thinks of it, though I don't know what I'm thinking myself. All I know is I want to get her away from the pervert. He's not her type anyway.

"So where too now Harry?" Jodi asks as we make our way through the lounge.

"Let's go to 1884. It's a club in town"


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