Chapter 24: Elevate

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Chapter 24: Elevate


Jasmine and James are outside riding her pony as me, Junior and Bethany are watching Junior crawl. He stood up.

"Oh my God he's about to take his first step!" I said as I watched him stumble to his feet.

He got up and walked over to Bethany.

"OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET JAMES!" I said as I ran out and got James.

"JAMES JUNIOR IS WALKING OMG IM BOUT TO CRY!" I said. James picked up Jasmine and went to the living ro. Junior walked from Bethany to James and I started crying my baby is walking and they grow up so fast.


Since he is already walking, it makes me want to write a song.

Elevate A Little Higher

Let's Party In The Sky And Celebrate

I braught Alexis up to the room and sang this song to her. She kissed me and said it was beautiful.

From Kendall:

I just wrote a new song. Its calles Covergirl.

To Kendall:

I just wrote a song called Elevate. Looks like an album is on the way.

ooooooh Album Number Two is next

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