Chapter 2: Will Power

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"Leave me alone, Madre. I'm fine." Judas said as he lay in his bed with Mother crying over him.

"Mio caro figlio!" Mother cried in Italian as the tears kept falling from her sun-colored eyes.

"Madre, hush." Judas said stroking her cheek softly.

Mother started cursing the Abbots in Italian, I hated when Mother cursed. She seemed so hateful of the world when one of us was injured.

I left the room sadly and went outside. Richard followed me.

"Mother is really upset, huh?" Richard said sounding like he was ready to cry as well.

I nodded. "Why do her and Judas still speak Italian? Father isn't here anymore! We're in London for Heaven's sake!"

"They knew Father the best."

"But Judas hates Father!"

Richard thought for a moment then shrugged. "I don't know, Jared. Why don't you go ask them?"

I sighed and decided that I'd go to school today. I always skipped class but today I needed something to get my mind off of Judas.

I passed the pond and saw a group of boys that were fishing get up and start following me. I walked faster out of fear that they would try to beat me.

One of them grabbed my hair and yanked me back.

"Well look at this little girl! We're pulling her hair!" The tall one laughed.

"What if we just cut all of that pretty hair off?" The oldest one said smirking.

I tried desperately to free myself from the grip of these boys but I failed each attempt.

"Cut it off, Henry." Said the tall one.

"Henry" was about thirteen by observation but shorter than the tall boy and he took out a pair of scissors.

"N-no... please! Stop it!" I said trying to inch away from the scissors.

"Don't struggle, girly. Or else your eyes get cut instead!" Henry yelled.

Then a boy shoved Henry away and grabbed my hand.

"Run!" He yelled and I ran with him as the boys helped Henry.

"Don't stop until we get to Big Ben!" The boy ordered and I followed.

When we got to Big Ben I stopped and panted for a good minute or two. I was a long way from my house now. Why had this boy saved me?

"Are you okay?" He asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

I nodded and smiled.

"Good." He said ruffling my hair.

"H-hey! Don't mess up my hair!" I said trying to fix it.

"Sorry." He chuckled.

"What's your name anyways?" I asked as soon as my hair was looking proper.

"William. William Sinclair." He said holding out his hand.

It had occured to me that I hadn't really taken in his appearance. William's hair was the color of a Raven's wing and he had one golden eye and one cloudy gray one.

"I'm Jared. Jared Reynolds." I said taking his hand and shaking it.

"Well, Jared." He smiled. "I'll see you around."

"Eh?! You're leaving?!" I asked worriedly.

"I have to go home." He said smiling.

"B-but..." I muttered.

William ran off and left me. Alone. In the bustling streets of London.

And strangely.... I had a wish to follow him. But I didn't wish to worry Mother so I headed back home silently.

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