Chapter 1

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It was 2761 of the Third Age when the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains declared battle against a raid of Orcs sent by Azog in a failed attempt to ambush them.

Thorin spoke with his grandfather in a large room just past the entrance to the Great Halls. I walked past the room with the door open just enough to hear what was being spoken. It was a marvelous spectacle, Erebor. All of it's halls, it's corridors, it's architecture. All details had been carved by the great Kings and King's men with great passion. There was not a second that I did not treasure being within it's presence. The stone walls embraced the passing of those fortunate enough to be within it, leading them with great honour to galleries, halls, and rooms of plenty.

I walked upon the great wooden door, slowing to hear the words echo from it.
"This is not our fight" Thorin stated with honour in his deep, stern voice as I peered through the old wooden door, but remained out of sight.
"But I will honour my brothers by fighting along side them against this force of evil that has befallen upon them. No words shall be spoken of this. We will be beginning our journey at dawn"

Thròr grunted, whether it was a grunt of acceptance and encouragement or that of disappointment and frustration was beyond my knowledge.

"I shall inform the guards." Thorin stated.

His solid footsteps echoed through the room towards the hall. The wooden door opened slowly as Thorin stepped out.

"This fight," I declaimed looking into Thorin's eyes, "I'm coming." I spoke sternly.

Thorin was hesitant to reply.

"I cannot allow that Madeira."

I gazed at him, almost frowning. The hesitation of the great prince would still not nearly be enough to stop my will.

His voice echoed in the hall and all upon the walls. It was deep, taking and honor-bound.
"Well perhaps you would allow this act if I said I feel honoured to aid the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains."

"This is not your fight." He growled.

I looked at him "The attack is upon our kin, I'm honoured to serve our people, even if it costs my life. And may I point out it is not directly yours either. The home of these Dwarves lies a world away. Nonetheless, I will be there for this battle. It is my duty and pleasure as a Dwarf to repay our kin in possible death."

"This will be a dangerous battle.
My safety, the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains' safety, can not be assured. Such a death can not be brought upon you."

"To die in battle is a death I would be honoured to provide." I assured him.

Thorin glared at me as if into deep thought, clutching his belt, then took his gaze to the halls.

"I would travel to the ends of Middle Earth to have our people remain safe." I stated, pondering his expression.

"I'm sorry, I can't allow you to do that." He dictated.

"Very well." I nodded.


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