Chapter Tenty-Nine: Last Stand

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Everywhere she looked, Phoebe saw blood splattered. Her heart dropped as she saw the bodies of so many Rogues and other Specials she didn't recognize. A golf ball edged its way in her throat as she thought about Kevin.

It seemed like a ghost town when Phoebe walked into it, but it's alive with the noises of dripping blood and shrieking vultures that did circles in the air. She was only talking with Kyle for a few minutes, how could so much damage be down in such little time?

Suddenly, as Phoebe walked through the archway of the manor, she had her question answered. Kevin slashes down at a beautiful girl who runs away at incredible speed, but before she could get away Kevin ran out in front of her and plunges his dagger into her heart. She screams as she falls into his arms. Phoebe takes a large breath as she stares at the scariest site she'd seen all day; Kevin repeatedly shoving the knife in and out of the girl's chest as if trying to kill her corpse. How could he do something so heartless? But as Kevin pulls his hair away from his eyes, Phoebe understood why.

Kevin's face had streaks of blood going down, some of it his and some of it the girl's, but tears overwhelmed the blood as he looks around at the battlefield. He caught Phoebe's eyes who stared at him in pity. No question escapes her mouth as she drops down next to Kevin and wrapped her arms around his neck. He leaned into Phoebe's chest and shudders with sobbing.

It was Kevin who spoke first in a shaky voice, "That-that was my girlfriend from the Pretty government."

Phoebe pulled away, her mouth agape, "Kevin- why would you-"

"To destroy the synthetic relationship the government built up! She's a symbol of my weakness that has been engraved into my genetic coding by the doctors in Pr-Pretty town... I had to do it... I had to..." Kevin's whole body shook as he watched the girl who looked up at Kevin with a shocked expression.

"What-what are you talking about?" Phoebe stuttered.

"Pairing that even Doctor Rosenhough can't get rid of..." Kevin's hands covered his face as Phoebe stared at him breaking down in the midst of a war.

Phoebe whispered to herself, "So it's true... They choose our lives for us..."

"Even now the government gets the last laugh. I can hear them calling for reinforcements. Phoebe, you and I are our only hope. We have to kill everyone here. Get them back for killing our true selves. For making me destroy something I was forced to love and for killing your love. Don't let the anger year you apart, but let it tear them apart," Phoebe's blood boils. The government is laughing at them. Phoebe will get the last laugh.

Kevin stood up, shoulder against Phoebe, "We stand together and will defeat the Capitol. Don't be afraid Phoebe."

Kevin's fingers interlaced with Phoebe's as the horizon fills with a mix of Pretties and Specials. The red sky darkened as if acknowledging the final battle. Phoebe would tear them apart, every last one. No one messed with her life. No one.

All the army ran towards them in a shroud of screams and battle cries. Phoebe's foot planted itself behind her as she roared in rage. Her and Kevin began to run effortlessly towards the crowd. Everything flew by in slow motion as she raised her blade and cut everything in her path in half. She let go of Kevin's hand to leap onto one's shoulders and break his neck. Back flipping onto another's shoulders, she stabbed the girl's heart. Each and every person she faced either ran away or fell to the ground limp. Blood rained as if a curse on the battlefield from God. Thunder and lightning burst out of the sky, a sound so large that Phoebe was surprised she didn't give a crap. Twenty feet away. The lightning hit twenty feet away, but all Phoebe cared about was tearing each Pretty limb from limb. But in a moment of screaming, Phoebe's thoughts overpowered her instincts.

The scream that came from where the lightning came was so familiar, so frightfully familiar. When Phoebe looked over to the spot where the lightning shot, she saw... Tyler. Phoebe's eyes widen. As soon as the sight of him lying on the ground with blood smearing his forehead reached her eyes, Phoebe was off like a light. She couldn't stop herself from going to his side. Tyler-Tyler was dead...? How could- why would-? And then this?!

Phoebe's anger finally took over, she raised her hands in the air and every person in the entire crowd stopped, even Kevin who was in a mid-slash. When Phoebe looked over she saw that everyone is shaking in an unnatural way and realized that she's bending all their blood so they would stay put. Phoebe pulled away Tyler's matted, red and blue hair and that's when she saw the eyes that haunted her at night.

"Hey, Phoebes..." he grunted.

Phoebe's heart pounded against her ribs, "Tyler... I'll make you feel better, I promise..."

Forgetting the scene around her, Phoebe forced Tyler into a piggyback ride as he moaned. She ran him to the surgery room where Doctor Rosenhough's lair remained. Phoebe laid him on the table and strippedaway his gear, catching herself fawning over his highly shaped abs. For some reason she couldn't stop herself from helping him. No matter how many times she told herself his love is synthetic, she kept working to find salves to heal the largest blister she had ever seen. It was centered perfectly above his heart as if the sky was aiming. Not once did it cross her mind that she still had that whole entire army and Kevin paralyzed. She only rubbed as much salve as she could on his red skin. Tyler loosely held onto his gun as he groaned in a disapproving tone. Phoebe went through the cabinets, begging for morphine to get rid of his pain. After finding it she slides next to the metal platform with Tyler on it.

"Tyler?" she whispered, afraid to know if he would respond or not. She realized that it has been two minutes since the last time he took a breath. Guilt built in her chest as she released all the people in paralyzation and began to force Tyler's heart to pump blood. Using her ability to bend water never became a skill, it was more of an instinct. She never used it until she had to. Tyler gasped and sat upright while holding his chest. Phoebe sat there despite the fact she wanted to hug Tyler and embrace him until her last breath, but she had to focus on his heartbeat to make sure it could pump on its own.

Tyler scanned Phoebe's eyes, then cupped her face in his hands and kissed her. She couldn't help but wrap her arms around his shoulders and cry. He was alive! Right there in her arms! She forced herself to pull away and says, "Tyler, I thought you were dead!"

Tyler's neon eyes turn ocean dark, "The only reason I'm alive was because I promised something."

"Promised what?" Phoebe asks, but then turned at the sound of an opening door. As soon as she turned back to Tyler, the last thing she saw is him swinging the butt of his gun at her forehead and everything went black.

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