New house

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"Where are we?" I asked taking my headphones out, we stood in front of some house and before dad replied Sammi Doll came rushing out of the house and crashed into his arms.

"I missed you!" She nearly shouted and dad just chuckled at her excitment, Sammi turned to me and tilted her head while smiling, "Who's this Jeremy?" She asked and looked back at him, she let go and stood on her feet.

"Darling, this is Zarah.. My daughter." He told her and Sammi's eyes went wide, "She's the one you've been talking about?" She asked and Ji-dad nodded, wow, just realized how weird it is calling him dad.

"I can totally see the resemblance." She said staring at me and smiling, after that we went into the house and talked for a bit.

"Wow, your mom really sounds like a downer; no offence!" Sammi said and I chuckled, "Non taken, she kinda is like was she even a teen once!?" I asked and Sammi chuckled.

"Hey Zarah, your mom is on the phone!" Dad yelled from the kitchen and I got up and walked from the living room to the kitchen, he held his cell for me and I grabbed it, "Hey mom?" I said into the phone but it sounded like more of a question.

"Zarah, I just wanted to call and tell you that-" she paused and giggled, wtf!? "Um.. Mom, do you have someone over?" I asked into the phone and my mom cleared her throat.

"No honey, just watching a show." She replied and I crossed my arms, by now dad was staring at me and Sammi had just came into the kitchen and was also staring at me probably trying to figure out what she was talking about with me.

"Oh.. Kay? Anyway, why'd you call?" I asked starting to get annoyed, "Because, I wanted to tell you that once you- stop it Mike!" She giggled and I rolled my eyes, Sammi mouthed a 'What's going on?' And I shrugged.

"I mean, once you stop getting into trouble you may come back." She told me and I raised an eyebrow, "Shy are you telling me this?" I asked and there was silence for a bit.

"Zarah, I think that being with your dad will really smarten you up." She told me, "Smarten me up? I was just being a teenager MOM." I exclaimed to her.

"Zarah, you are a young woman and you have to learn responsibility now end of conversation I'm sending the rest on your belongings over, bye." She said and hung up.

"What did she want?" Sammi asked and I kinda just stood there dumbfounded before I spoke to her, "She said that I can come back when I 'smarten up' and she's sleeping with a guy named Mike." I told them and Sammi raised an eyebrow.

"Well then.. Who wants take out?" Dad asked smiling and I smiled too, "Can we get pizza and wings?" I asked jumping up and down excitedly and dad chuckled, "Sure, wings and pizza it is." He said and I gave him his cell phone back.

While he dialled the number for the pizza palace, Sammi grabbed my arm and took me out of the room and up stairs, "Where are we going?" I asked her and she looked back and winked, "To your new bedroom, silly." She told me and I giggled.

Surely, we came to a bedroom with a white door and walked in, the room had black walls with roses painted on them, a Queen sized bed with blood red bed sheets, a closet with a bright red Rose engraved on it, a big mirror and a bunch of other cool stuff.

"Wow, Sammi, you didn't have to." I said walking into the room and Sammi chuckled, "But I did, when Jeremy and I heard that you were coming to live here I had to start decorating." She told me and I made my way to the bed, I sat down and felt like I was sitting on a cloud.

"Your too sweet, Sammi." I said and she smiled, "Pizza will be here in ten!" Dad shouted from the kitchen.

As we waited for pizza to arrive I decided to put all my stuff away, once everything was out away and organized I heard a loud ring from down stairs and knew it was the pizza man so I rushed down stairs and watched as my dad paid the guy who looked like he was going to literally lose his shit at the sight of my dad.

"Are you a big black veil brides fan?" Dad asked and the guy nodded eagerly, "Here, let me sign this before you go." He said taking the guys pizza hat and signing his name on it, giving it back to the guy I swear he squeaked after that he left and I let out a howl of laughter.

"He could barely contain himself!" I said in between breaths and dad chuckled, he took the pizza and box of wings to the kitchen and opened them both up, when I smelt the wonderful smell i felt and heard, I seriously HEARD my stomach growl.

"Someone can't contain their hunger." Sammi said giggling and I chuckled, "Nope, i haven't had much to really eat all day." I said as dad handed me a plate and I took two pieces of pizza and three wings then sat down at the table and started eating, Sammi and dad joined me.

"So.. Has your mom ever mentioned me before?" Dad asked and I looked up at him, "No, every time I asked she wouldn't tell me." I told him and he sighed.

We all ate in silence, I was mad at my mom for not telling me anything about my dad but now I know who he really is so that's good right? I got what I wished for.

When we finished we washed our plates and put the pizza no wings in the fridge, I yawned and knew that it was so bed time.

"I'm gonna go to bed, night." I said to my dad and Sammi, they returned the 'night' and I went up stairs once in my room I slipped my clothes off and put my black pjs with skulls on them on and walked over to my bed, I slipped under my covers and was about to drift off to dream land when there was a knock on the door.

"Zarah?" Dad asked and walked in, "Yeah dad?" I asked and he smiled, "Feels weird having you call me that." He said and made his way over to my bed.

"What's up?" I asked when he sat down, "I just wanted to say how I'm just really sorry for not being there all those years when you were growing up." He told me and hung his head, I smiled and hugged him.

"It's alright, but why weren't you?" I asked, curious as to what happened to him and my mom.

"Well, before your mom found out she was pregnant with you we had gotten into a huge fight and then she just.. Left." He told me, "She used to be a very kind person but then I left for a tour and came back a few months later and she just changed." He continued

That night, dad and I talked a but more and he told me about how him and mom met and when he found out that I was born, he was nothing that mom told he was, my dad was sweet and actually wanted to be in my life when he found out about me. I didn't get why mom didn't tell him about me, it's like she wanted to erase him from my life completely.

After we finished talking I fell into a deep sleep. Dad told me that tomorrow he would take me into the studio to hang out with the guys and hang out with them more.

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