Annlies (Anne) Marie Frank

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Anne Frank was born on June fourth 1929. She was very funny and high spirited. In 1933, Hitler was elected King, and he was against the Jewish Germans. Unfortunately for Anne, she was a Jew. Her and her family fled to Amsterdam. On her thirteenth birthday, as Hitler became crueler to the Jews. Otto Frank gave his lovely daughter a special diary. Weeks later, they hid in basement from the Nazis for 2 years! Through those two years, she wrote in her diary, her thoughts, feelings and fears. She wouldn't let ANYONE read it! In 1945, her fears of being imprisoned became true. At age fifteen she was sent to concentration camp. Her hair was shaved, she was given rags for clothes, and had no food or water. In March 1945, Anne died.

Otto Frank her father, did survive but later found out he lost his entire family.

His wife and two daughters. He did however find Anne's diary and read it. He found many interesting things about his diseased child. Later he found she wanted to publish her diary. It took a lot of effort, but later he published her diary and named it The Secret Annex.

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