The Stars

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Joey's POV

Wow. I cant believe just the other day i was lip to lip with shane. All i can do is keep questioning why. why ... did it have to be a dare ... why wasnt it real....why did shane have a girlfriend.... Maybe i should just relax after all i still got to kiss him. Maybe i should just clear my head and go record some Minecraft videos with Stacy-anya.

Joey- *texts Stacy* "Hey gurl heyyyy wanna come over and record some Minecraft videos?"

Well stacy said she will be here in 15 mins. ahh Cant wait to kill some zombies. 


Shane's POV

FUCK! I dont even have a upload for today well the day is still early its just 12:00. Well i dont feel like calling any other youtubers at last minute to record a video and Lisa is shopping with her Mom. Ughh what do i fucking do!!! Maybe i should ask Joey after all he is one of my best friends maybe he wouldnt mind fliming at last minute.

Shane- *texts Joey* " Joey i know its last minute but, i need to upload a video today or else my fans will murder me can we flim a video today if you're busy its tottaly fine!!"

ahh now ill just wait.


Joey's POV



Joey- fuck! we both died! 

Stacy- Language Joey!

Stacy- Hey Joey you got a text from shane he wants to know if you guys can record a videotoday ..its important.  

Joey- uhm sure tell him to come over right now i guess.

Stacy- Alrighty!!


Shane's POV

Yes! I Can upload today! also.. i can see Joey ...maybe i should kiss him again or go farther....wake up Shane its Joey fucking graceffa he probably has sluts all over him just look at how handsome he is...well thank god im basically at Joey's House because the store i was at is right next to his house.

*Parks car ... and walks up to Joeys door* *Knocks*

Shane- Hey Joey!

 Joey-Hey Shane-anya!!! 

Joey was shirtless his body was so perfect i couldnt help but stare.

Joey- oppsie Me! i was recording some minecraft videos with Stacy i always record shirtless *giggles*


Joey's POV

I noticed shane was looking at my body .... did he actually have feelings for me or was i overthinking? 

Joey- do you want to do a challenge video or something?

Shane- Sure! only if you stay shirtless! haha

Joey-thats one way to make the Shoey Shippers freak the fuck out!

ahhh shoey shippers its amazing how people want me and shane to be a couple... i guess im a shoey shipper!

Shane- How about we do the Boyfriend does my make-up Video!

i just love the way he still goes along with the whole Shoey stuff even though he has a girlfriend.

Joey-YES-ANYA!!! I Cant wait! 

Shane-alright put on a shirt and lets go get make-up make-up to because we some ghetto ass bitches!

Joey- *giggles* Okay slut!


-2 Hours Later-


Joey's POV

Joey-"May the odds be ever in your Favor goodddd byeee!"

Shane-alright now lets wash this shit off!


Shane's POV


Joey-*giggles* shane... i hate to break it to you but its sharpie.

Shane- WHAT? FUCK! Are you serious i though it was some kind of pen.

Then out of no where joey locked his lips onto mine.


Joey's POV

Fuck! why did i do that ...fuck how am i going to explain why i just did that!

Joey-*giggles* just getting to back!

great shane started to laugh its good he can take a joke! 


-11 PM-


Joey's POV

today was amazing i got to kiss shane again! it felt like we were kissing for ever. all i can do was stare at the stars. 

*falls asleep*

joey graceffa do you take shane dawson to be your husband?


then all i can see is shane's body...and lisa with a gun to my head.



then Sawyer runs in.

Sawyer-what the fuck happened joey?

Joey-sorry just a bad dream...

Sawyer- ok then go back to fucking sleep then!


Hope you guys enjoyed!

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