Chapter 15

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Hey guys, gonna have a magical time warp here. Were gonna b 18 cuz I wanna get this Leon show on the road!!!! Sabrina, something will happen to ur liking!!!! And Arin, you will also love what happens. Idk how this book will end depending on what happens I'll ask u guys if u want a sequel. Hell I might make a series if u want one!!!!!! Anyways here's my magical book I'll take you on a magical mystery tour!!!!! (Beatles reference)


---Arin's POV---

Chris and I were having a day when we just expressed feelings to each other.

"I never want to let you go." Chris said and kissed Arin on the forehead. Arin smiled. "I hope we never part."

Chris smiled. "I can see us having a future together." Arin giggled and snuggle closer to Chris on the couch, her head on his chest.

---Isabel's POV---

It was a few days later and I was messaging Leon again.

Me: hey how did you do on ur essay?
Leon: I got an 87%, only because my teacher sucks.
Me: :( you'll get it next time! :)
Leon: :D
Me: So, how often do u think about me?

He didn't answer. I was beginning to think I upset him when I got a FaceTime alert from him. I accepted and he looked as gorgeous as ever.

"I think about you a LOT, actually. I know you think of me nonstop." I shrugged with a nod. "Pretty much."

We talked for a while about school and stuff when he had to go to do research on Greek gods.


Sabrina, Arin, and I had all gotten our drivers licenses. I god gotten a black range rover, Arin got a lime green truck, and Sabrina got a yellow Porsche.

Arin and Chris were still happily together and Sabrina and Jamie were as close as ever.

I had just turned 18 a few weeks ago. Leon didn't know, but I let him know when I turned 17, so he probably has an idea. It was summer break and he was coming down to the beach house. We all decided to live in the beach house. Me, Arin, Chris, Sabrina, and Jamie all lived under one roof of the amazing beach house we stayed at when we were 12 and 14 for Chris.

I couldn't wait for Leon to come down, I really wanted to see him in person. He was at college at Perdue University, exactly where I want to study, but I don't know since I live in Michigan now. I might choose one really far north in Indiana.

Last he messaged me he said he was a half hour away. That was sent 25 minutes ago. I wonder if he'll hug me, or kiss me, or something! Would he have a box of chocolates and a bouquet of roses? I didn't know!!! All I knew is I was excited to see him, and he was excited to see me. It was 10:25a.m. He was going to be here around 10:30.

Sabrina was playing grand theft auto 5 with Jamie on the big flat screen while Arin and Chris watched a movie on her iPad with earbuds plugged in.

I waited eagerly at the door. 10:26 I was growing restless. I really wanted to see him!

10:27 I was pacing around the kitchen, wondering if his feelings changed and he decided to go to some blonde's house or something.

10:28 I was in the game room playing megaman, pausing every now and then waiting for a knock at the door.

10:29 I decided not to play anymore and I brushed my teeth for the third time in the last ten minutes.

At 10:30 I was waiting near the top of the stairs leading to the hall with the front door at the end of it.

At around 10:35 I heard a knock on the door. IT WAS LEON!!!!

I took a deep breath, waited a few seconds, and came up the stairs, turned the corner, and opened the door. He came in and gave me a big, warm hug. It was winter and snow was blowing in. He shut the door and we stood there in each other's arms for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, he broke away and looked me up and down. "You're taller than you are on FaceTime." He remarked. I smiled. "That's probably because you only see my head." He smiled back and I lead him down into the game room where the other two couples were.

Sabrina and Jamie looked up from their game. "So that's him huh?" Jamie asked. I nodded and sat down on the couch, Leon sitting closely next to me. I turned to him. "Guess what?" I said excitedly. He looked at me, asking for an answer with his deep brown eyes.

"I just turned 18 last week." His eyes got excited. "Then that means we can be together!" I nodded and then we both knew it was official. He grabbed my hand in his and we watched Sabrina and Jamie playing GTA5.

After a while, we all ended up playing guitar hero 3. We pro face offed, taking turns as couples. Leon whooped my ass at Cliffs of Dover. We were all playing on expert. I fell through during the solos. Jamie and Sabrina were both equally good, they ended up tying, both getting 100% in Welcome to the Jungle. Chris kicked Arin's butt at Holiday in Cambodia. Arin doesn't really play the game a lot.

Soon, Leon and I got tired of playing and decided to watch them. Sabrina and Jamie chose to do the Tom Morello Theme and completely bombed the fast part when it goes up and down.

Leon got up, took my hand, and lead me upstairs and into the kitchen. We sat on stools next to each other and he took my hands in his.

"I am so glad I met you." He spoke softly. Oh how I loved his voice.

All I could do was smile. "I had a girlfriend when I first met you, but when I really got to know you, I realized there was only enough room in my heart for one girl. Though at the time I knew I could never be with you, I knew I liked you, and I felt like I was betraying Tiffany by liking you so much. So I broke up with her and told her I was distracted from my studies." He searched my eyes to look for any reaction.

I nodded for him to continue. "She thought I was just leaving her for another girl, so she got pissed. She blocked my number and deleted my contact. Since then I've been happier having more time talking to you." I blinked at him. "So, why are you telling me this?"

I asked him, clearly puzzled. "Because I want you to know how much you mean to me." I smiled and hugged him tightly. "You mean a lot for me too. I promised myself when I saw your profile picture that I would never like another guy other than you."

He returned the hug I have him and we went and sat with each other on the couch on the deck outside, enjoying the moist breeze from the lake.

After about an hour, we dozed off for a while, he came up with the idea of swimming at the beach. I agreed and went upstairs to the master bedroom. I told him he could stay in there too. I went I to the bathroom and got into my ruby red bikini. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, my swoop bangs hanging down in my face.

I walked into the bedroom, taking my hoop earrings out and putting in red gem studs. He looked up from stuffing his clothes into his bag and his eyes widened. "Nice suit!" He said with amusement. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my beach towel and sunglasses.

We went down to the beach where we swam out far into the water, but not as far as that wave took me and Sabrina when we were kids.

AUTHORS NOTE!!!!! - I know this chapter is really long but just role with me here, it'll come to a closing soon.

Since the ground was pretty uneven all over the lake, our feet could touch here and the water was up to our chests, but showing our chests. There were hardly any waves, which made me relax. I still hadn't fully recovered from my near death experience.

We ended up talking about school and how our life has been. Turns out Leon's awful teacher got arrested for prostitution on his young female students. I couldn't help but to laugh at his misfortune, but then feel sorry for the girls.

Leon just shrugged and said how his new replacement teacher was super nice and hardly gives them huge papers and exams.

I congratulated his new teacherism with a hug and a short playful splash fight.

We continued on like this for about another hour until we swam back to shore. I sun dried myself by catching up on my tan while Leon wet the sand n
And was drawing something in it with a stick. I didn't bother looking at what it was for I didn't want to disrupt my tanning.

After about an hour of flipping, evening my tan on both sides, I sat up, lowered my sunglasses and looked at what he had drawn in the sand.

The sand was perfectly smooth and there was a perfect heart drawn into it and inside of the heart, he had drawn I + L.


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