Chapter 1~ World Meeting

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   "EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" Germany howled, slamming his fist down on the long wooden table. All of the countries ceased their arguments, sitting down in their chairs.

   "Now, continuing vith my previous announcement, a new country has been discovered betveen South America and Antarctica. The inhabitants of the land say its called Rosia. Yes, kind of like Russia. I've brought one of the counties of Rosia here today vith me." He announced. The unfamiliar blonde in the corner stepped forward. No one had even noticed her presence until now.

   "I'm Vithka." she introduced. Her short blonde hair fell into her face. She quickly brushed it behind her ear, revealing a pair of bright red eyes. She looked like Poland with Prussia's eyes. And a purple sweater.

   "Why is she here instead of Rosia herself?" England asked. Vithka frowned.

  "Kaen Rosia has been missing for a month now. It is believed that she was kidnapped during a trip to America... While trying to find America." she explained. All of the countries gasped. Except for America himself.

   "Hey, vhere is America?" Italy asked. Sure enough, said country was absent.

   "Someone call him." Russia suggested. Immediately, Japan whipped out a cell phone, putting it on speaker as he dialed America's number.

  "Hey, this is Al!" America greeted cheerfully. "Oh, hi, this is Japan, Why-"

   "Guess what?" America continued. "What is it, America?" Japan asked.

   "Okay, you're never going to believe this, but... This is my voicemail! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!" Beep. All of the countries stared at the phone, irked that they'd fallen for such a stupid trick. England was the first to snap out of it.

  "America, where the blazes are you, you wanker? You're missing a world meeting! Call Japan back as soon as you get this message." the British lad said, irritated. Then Japan ended the call.

   "If he slept in, I swear..." England trailed off, stalking out of the room. Germany sighed.

   "Dismissed." the uptight country said. Everyone except Vithka briskly exited.

   "Oh, Rosie, where are you?" the county whispered to no one.

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