Marie POV

"So fucking much" I sighed as I grabbed Kenya's wrist and pulled her into my hotel room.

"Ow, owowowow Marie that hurts let go"

"Sorry, didn't meant to pull so hard."

"It's fine love, I'm happy to see you too."

I sat on the bed while Kenya sat at the desk chair in front of me. "What are you doing here anyway, don't you have exams or something this week?"

"Zayn told me what happened and sent me to you! And no, mine are next week. El was gonna come with me but her tests are this week. Anyway, it doesn't matter, how are you? you know Harry didn't do anything right? He's no the brightest but he isn't stupid, he loves you Marie."

"Yeah... I know, it's just... I don't even know, I'm being emotional and annoying."

"Your mad as soon as yall were apart he went to Cara?" Kenya stated matter-of-factly

I opened my mouth to deny it and say no, but the knowing look on her face makes me stop and just nod my head yes. It does annoy me that as soon as I tell him to go and have fun he goes to Cara and not only does he hang out with her-which honestly I could/would have been okay with- but he stays the night with her in her hotel room! Did they sleep in the same bed? Did he wrap his arms around her waist and hold her like he holds me? Did he wake up in the middle of the night and place a chaste kiss on her shoulder blade like he does to me? Just... it doesn't feel good.

"What are you thinking about Marie?" Kenya says breaking me from my thoughts.

I look up at her and almost fall backwards when I see she isn't on the chair anymore she's sitting on the bed directly in front of me with our knee's touching. 

"Just wondering what happened that night, why did he go home with her? He had to have known what I would have thought. Wondering if he did the little things he does with me, with her?" I sighed and slumped back on the bed smacking my head against the pillows. 

"Have you asked him?"

"You know I haven't talked to him!" I scoffed rolling my eyes.

"Damn, you really are stubborn he was right." She groaned latching onto my arm and making me sit up "Stop whining! Just talk to him because if you don't you're gonna lay up here all night and drive yourself fucking crazy Marie! " She quickly stood up and walked to the desk across the room to pick up my phone and throw it to me. "Call him then lets go get some lunch, my plane back to New York leaves at 8."

"Yeah really only came for a few hours?" I asked baffled as to why she would do that, I've only known her a few months.

"Zayn means a lot to me, Harry means a lot to Zayn and you mean a lot to Harry. All in all we all care about you Marie, i would've flown all the way to Australia to make sure you were okay." she smiles before leaving to go to Ed's room

I picked up my phone and stared at it with my finger hovering over his contact... I miss him and I'm craving for his voice. But if I call him is that giving in too fast? 

"Fuck it!" I mutter before pressing call and holding my phone up to my ear.

He answered on the third ring sleep evident in his voice "Hello? Marie..."

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. I umm I can call back later." I mumbled feeling nervous. It's insane the things his voice still does to me.

"No!" He almost yells "If you hang up now I'm a little scared you won't call back" He admits making my heart break... maybe I've been to hard on him over all this crap that's happened with us.

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