Chapter 12: Forgive

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Chapter 12: Forgive


I never thought it was possible to regret something so much, that I actually wanted to cry about it.

Take that back, I remember when I felt that way before, but the feeling still felt as fresh and antagonizing as it did the first time.

I knew I was wrong here, but then again, I had no idea how to fix it and I really didn't want to apologize and giving Melanie the satisfaction.

But then I felt bad and the whole regret feeling came back in full force. It was because I didn't mean a single one of those words, not to the Melanie I had in front of me. Those contemptuous words were for the girl that had come to boil in my head for the last three years.

I had lost my temper, and it wasn't fair to Melanie. The boy my mother raised wanted to apologize. My mom liked Melanie. She would be upset if she heard I did this.

So I had to say I was sorry, begging on my knees if I had to.

I threw my arms around my head, walking in a circle around myself in the middle of the mall parking lot, not sure exactly what to do since I lost Melanie and I had no other reason to be at the mall right now.

I was tempted to just hop on my motorcycle and pretend I was in Tron like I did when I was either bored or trying to blow off steam. I knew I had to apologize to Melanie to stop my heart from aching, though I didn't know why it would since we weren't friends and never would be again.

I would deny any other even crazier philosophies.

I knew for a fact she wasn't going to go to the dance, which was kind of the point of that whole adventure to the mall, but I didn't mean to hurt her feelings, and definitely not make her cry. Even I wasn't that cruel. I had better plans than that when I came here.

I made my way back into the mall, landing a swift kick to the garbage can on my way.

I wandered around the mall, ignoring any glances that came my way, but when I recognized a familiar face in a sketchy music store, I decided to walk in.

Ben was standing there at the counter, looking extremely bored. I smirked at the crappy job that he had but then felt a frown come afterwards at the shitty job that I had to keep at my aunt's diner.

Work is stupid.

"Do you really care about CDs or are you here to beat me up where you can't get a detention for it?"

I mentally cringe at what Ben says, considering I never really wanted to beat him up, just scare him into leaving me the hell alone. Be polite Parker. "Actually I was hoping to ask you a question."

Ben laughed loudly at that. "Tell me. Are you having girl troubles? Do you need a shoulder to lean on?"

I ignored the guarded asshole approach and decided to cut to the chase. "What is the deal with Melanie Weston?" Her last name was just a formality, we both knew it was unnecessary.

"Why don't you answer that question yourself?"

"Cut the crap Ben. I have a better question for you. How long have you known her? Been friends I mean..."


"What?" I was confused.

"Why do you care?" he over-annunciated every single word.

"Does it matter?"

"Tell me." He looked like an animal.

"No." I wouldn't give in.

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