Chapter 3

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Vice versa (Blake Griffin fanfiction)

Chapter 3: "Alone- like you left me"


It stopped raining but it was still very cold in Oklahoma. I walked daily to school by myself. Mom usually called and asked if I had enough lunch money, which I did. She said she and dad loved me very much and they'd be home soon. Mom kept apologizing a lot too because she wasn't home and I told her it was okay and I loved her. I hated lying: especially to my mom but if I didn't she'd never stop apologizing.

The week went by really fast. Kat got into a fight with a girl who kept on bothering so Kat punched her. She got suspended and I sat alone for the rest of the week at lunch.

During the weekend, mom and dad came home. We went out for Chinese food. I had a really good time. Mom looked tired. With bags under her eyes and dad looked dull as always.

Mom tried to make conversations but she failed. Dad just kept asking me to pass the napkins next to my right arm.

The night was over and so they drove me home where mom told me she and dad were off to a business trip to Chicago but would home for the next two weeks after it. I hugged dad at the door as he went and warmed the car for his and moms drive to the airport. Meanwhile, mom helped me pick out my outfit for school and tucked me into bed.

Like old times, she turned off the lights and sat next to me as I closed my eyes, waiting to fall asleep.

"Cynthia," my mom said.


"You love me right?" Many things- thoughts- answers, swirled in my head. I opened my eyes and saw her black eyes as the hallway lights shine behind her. But the darkness of my room swallowed her. Her eye color used to be brown but the bags under her eyes make her eyes look black. She looked tired.

"You know I do" I replied and mom smiled big. I always tried agreeing with her or at least satisfying her because I'm afraid one day, she'll be tired for good.

"Im excited for you to come back" I said.

She looked at me funny "what about dad? He'll be home"

I tried grinning but I, myself was tired. Mom waited until I fell asleep and than she left.

Next morning, around 5am, I woke barfing. I got food poising and didn't go to school. Not until Wednesday.

Wednesday came by and I couldn't be happier. Home was lonely. So was school but Kat made it fun at times.

I saw Kat her locker and greeted her. "Hey hey"

"Cynthia!" She came up and hugged. I was shocked: caught off guard but I felt appreciated.

"I missed you!"

"I've missed you too"

We talked about school and what I missed. Which I didn't miss much she said. Kat moved her hands a lot when she talked, making it funnier to be with her.

The first bell rang to get to first period but no one usually moved when it rang. We stayed put and continued talking. Kat did the most talking and I looked around, watching others. I saw the guy from biology class, Blake. We made eye contact. Awkward eye contact. I looked away immediately. With the corner of my eye, I saw blake make his way towards me. I got nervous but I don't know why. I had a meaningless crush on him before and now we sit together again in biology. he gave me butterfly's. I don't know why.

"Hi Cynthia"Blake said to me.

"Hey Kat" Kat as usual, rolled her eyes and refused to say hello back.

"Hey- what's up?" I hope I didn't nervous because I was.

"Oh nothing I just came to tell you we have a project due Friday and since we don't have 4th period today due to the pep assembly I was going to ask when are you free to work on it?"

"Today if you can"

"Great- uh what's your number?" I smiled at the comment but noticing his face expression, he meant it in a "lets do homework" way. So I gave it to him and told me he'd call me after school to see where and when we can work on it. He said bye and left.

"He's nice" I said to Kat after he left.

"Don't even look his way because he doesn't have time for girls like us" Kat said and walked away. I quickly followed behind and went to 1st period.

During 4th period we had the pep assembly. Blake and Wilson and Blake's tall white friend- Tucker, all talked during the assembly and encouraged everyone to go to the home basketball games.

Kat was right, Blake doesn't have time for girls like me. After everyone was dismissed from the assembly, Wilson came up to me and said hi but Blake didn't. Instead he hung around who I thought was Wilson's ex but I guess not because she was being friendly with Blake.

After school, as planned blake called and said we should meet up. I gave him my address and he was on his way to my house.

Mom used to tell me having the biggest imaginations was amazing. You let your mind run wild and not everyone had that gift. But she didn't mention the sorrow someone would feel when you over thought something that you thought could be reality but really only lived in your fantasy.

The door bell rang and at my front door was a tall ginger in some faded denims, a black hoodie and his backpack hanging on one shoulder.

"Hey biology buddy" Blake said.

Reality sucks.


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