Chapter 38

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Kate POV

"I think getting out would be fun". Jenna told me as we sat in my room. I was catching up on some homework and it was a Friday night. "Jenna I don't know". I said.

"Kate listen to us you need to get out more". Sky said as she sat down playing with my makeup bag. I shut my book and stood up. "Fine lets go". I said. Both girls cheered and I let them make over my face.

"Were going with the I'm single and ready to mingle look". Sky told me as she fixed my hair. "Guys iv been single, I never had a boyfriend". I said. They both looked at me like I was crazy.

"Well we will find you somebody". Jenna said as she pulled out the foundation. Catie showed up with multiple dresses an shoes. "I like that black one". Jenna said a she was putting on fake eye lashes for me.

I rolled my eyes and she told me to stop. Once the make up was on and my hair was curled it was time to get dressed. "Hell no". I said as I looked at the little black dress hanging on my bathroom door.

"Kate just put it on we need to get going". Sky said through the door. I took the dress off the hanger and slipped it on. It hugged my hips and ass and also my boobs. I looked in my full length mirror and sighed.

"Here goes nothing". I mumbled as I walked out. Sky and Jenna whistled as Catie was trying to pull on her dress. "You look hot". Jenna said. I smiled and grabbed the red heels and my red hair clip.

"Can we just leave now so that I can get home and take all of this off"? I asked. They all laughed when we heard the doorbell. "Ill get it". Catie said as she went to the door.

I grabbed my black leather jacket and headed down with everybody else. Harry, Liam and Niall stood by the door as El and Louis were on the couch. Next to Niall stood a guy with beautiful eyes, beautiful features and man was he hot but I swear I seen him before.

"Kate this is Zayn, Zayn this is Kate". Sky introduced us. I shook his cold hand and he gave me a smile. Was I already falling for a stranger who it felt like I met before? "Ok ladies lets go so we can get in early". Harry said as he grabbed Jenna's hand.

She smiled and I followed her out but ended up tripping over the rolled up carpet. The weird thing was this felt like it happened before. Zayn's muscular arms were wrapped around me and I felt safe. "Um thanks". I blushed.

He smiled and walked me out. "Ok next stop having a good ass time". Sky said. We all laughed and Harry drove off. The car was shaped weird as the seats were facing each other. Harry and Jenna were up front, Liam, Catie Louis and Eleanor sat across from Sky, Niall, And Zayn with myself.

It felt so weird sitting next to Zayn because I felt his eyes staring at me. Once we pulled into the clubs parking lot Liam stopped us. "Ok well since there will be drinking ill be the non drinker this evening". He said.

"Liam your so weird that's why I love you". Catie said as she pecked him on the lips. I walked in and went right to the bar. I needed to drink because right now my mind needed to cool down. "What would you like lady"? A man asked me.

"Give me a shot of the good stuff". I said He laughed and nodded his head. "Im taking your not going easy tonight"? Someone asked me. I turned around to see a guy with light brown hair and glasses.

"Yeah a lot on my mind". I said as my shot was laid in front of me. "Im Marcus". He said as he sat down. "Kate". I said as I drowned the shot. The liquid burned going down my throat and asked for another.

"So what is a pretty lady like you sitting in a bar all by yourself"? He asked as he took his shot. "Im here with friends I just can find them". I said drowning the other shot. "Ill just keep the bottle here babe". The bar tender said as walked off.

I smiled and filled up my cup again. "So here with friends, wearing a beautiful dress that hugs your body and cant find your friends"? He asked as be looked at me. I nodded and looked around hoping to find one of the guys. "Do you smoke"? He asked me.

Hearing the word smoke made me think of Zayn for some odd reason. "Um no I don't". I said. "Well maybe you should come outside with me so I'm not alone"? He asked with a pout.

"Im sorry if I knew you well enough I would but no". I said as I grabbed the bottle and went to get up but I was pulled back down. "Come on I don't see a boyfriend around to claim you lets go have some fun". He said.

I pulled my arm back and pushed him. "Don't touch me". I snapped. I shouldn't have done that because he grabbed the strap on the dress and dragged me to the door but we didn't get far when arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me away.

"Mate I suggest you leave my date alone". I heard Zayn say. I smiled and wrap my arms around Zayn. He pulled me into him more and the guy Marcus spoke. "Malik I don't think your following rules". He said as Zayn pushed me behind him a bit.

"Im not breaking rules Marcus". He sneered. His grip tightened around my waist as I looked around. I seen Eleanor, Louis, and Niall watching out as Harry and Liam were glancing as well.

"I will tell you this one more time Marcus leave her alone". Zayn said as he walked us off to the others. He set me in a booth and slid in so I was between Louis and Zayn. "Thank you Zayn". I said as I grabbed his hand.

He smiled and kissed my hand before taking a drink of his beer. I poured more of my drink in a shot glass and Sky and I went to town. By the end of the night I couldn't even remember my name.

We were on our way to the car and I couldn't walk in the heels so Harry offered me a piggy back ride. I was taken off his back by Zayn and I smiled as I snuggled closer to his chest. I ended up sitting on his lap and it felt right.

I looked up at him to see he was glancing at the window. I moved closer and kissed his neck. I felt him tense up and I giggled. "Kate don't" . He warned. I didn't listen as I traced my hands down his shirt feeling his abs under it.

He grabbed my thigh and inhaled deeply. I smiled as I kissed his neck again and left a little hickey. Once the car stopped Zayn was the first to get out dragging me with him.

Once we got to my room he threw me on my bed. "Kate don't do this". He warned once more. I pouted and sat up. "Why not"? I asked. "Because its hard for me to explain". He said. I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for him to continue.

"Kate we were already together over a while ago but something happened and I took your memory away from you". He said. I wanted to scream and cry but I stayed strong.

"Wow that's a new one I mean I understand I'm not like other girls but lying gets you no where". I said as I got up but he pulled me back down and hovered over me.

"Im a vampire Kate you know this, I'm the guy in your dreams you been having, I'm that lost dream that you can't seem to put your mind on". He said. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as he kissed it away.

"If I would kiss you right now your memory will come back but I don't want you to get hurt more". He whispered. For some odd reason I believed every word he was saying so I got out from under him.

"Kiss me". I said. He turned to look at me and shook his head. "Kate i-". I cut him off as I grabbed his face. "Kiss me Zayn, kiss me until I remember". I said as he pulled me into him. So lightly his lips connected to mine.

The way they felt were soft and warm. The way his hands roamed my body, The way his facial hair tickled my cheeks. I pulled back and seen the glow in is eyes. "Zayn". I whispered.

He smiled and kissed my forehead. "I love you so much". I giggled as he kissed me again. My memory was back and it felt like I never lost it. Zayn and I were back to being happy and I love it.


YAY!!! Zayn and Kate are back together and she has her memory back. But any way just wanted to tell you guys only a few more chapters left and its done with so I wanted to say a big thanks to everybody who voted, commented and read the boom.... I love you so much and I hope you will read my new book coming out called "The journal"



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