chapter 2

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 Harry's POV  

Sydney is so cute I mean look at those eyes. Plus I love the name Sydney I always wanted a daughter named Sydney. I'm really curious what happened and why she is here. But doesn't everyone wonder why she's here? She's so beautiful like who wouldn't love her. I love her even more because she's a fan of us and loves music.

"She's the one!" I say.

"Agreed!" the rest say.

"Now boys Sydney is emotional and she's had well lets say a bad past." Mrs. Smith says.

We all nod and sign papers and now she is our little, well not little, daughter.

Sydney's POV

"Pack your things Sydney your getting adopted!" Mrs. Smith yells.

Oh god! I'm getting adopted by One Direction, wait this must be a dream! Wait...what if they turn out to be like my dad. Oh no.

Well I pack as I was told. I pack my few long-sleeve shirts, jeans, a jacket, my music, put my phone in my pocket, and grab my instrument and suitcase and of course posters and walked downstairs.

When I get downstairs they all have smiles on their faces...okay. I'm scared what if I get hate from fans. What if they ask me about my past. What if they ask me about my parents. What if they ask about my dad. What if they ask me about the bruises and cuts...

On the way home I sit between Niall and Harry. They both are holding one of my hands and rubbing soft circles. I just keep repeating in my head "Don't move to my wrists please." We finally are at their house and Harry picks me up.

"You ready to see your new house, Sydney?" he asks me.

I give a small nod cause I'm kinda scared for some reason. Oh yeah right what if they find out. They take me to what seems to be my room. It's a pretty big room, I mean like wow it's big; bigger then I've ever gotten.

"Welcome home, sweetheart!" Liam says.

Harry carefully puts me down and I'm just standing there like an idiot looking around. They all laugh a little when they see me looking around.

"You like it?" Zayn says.

I turn around and face him and say "thank you! I love it!" trying to hug all of them at once.

"So you play an instrument?" Niall asks pointing at my instrument case.

I smile and nod thinking of some of the best memories I have.

"What instrument?"

"Trumpet." I answer back with a small smile on my face, me smiling is a rare thing I don't do it often because i don't have many things to smile about. I really only smile about One Direction because they make me happy and my trumpet cause that thing has some good memories with it.

"Can you play from us?" Louis asks.

I nod walking over to my instrument because I know that if I do what they say hopefully they won't do anything bad. I bring it to my new bed. I smile when I open it but frown when I see the dented bell.

"Oh my! What happened to that?" Liam asks.

Oh god should I tell them what happened or lie? I should just tell them cause they did ask a question and I don't want to get yelled at or worse... Plus they're probably gonna find out anyway.

"umm...well...when I was um... back with my dad he um... ruined everything I loved and he dented this poor thing. But I got it out of his grip before he could do anything else and it still works." I say  while looking at the dented bell trying not to cry remembering that day how i got punched and kicked for saving the poor instrument.

They all gasp and Niall sits next to me, "we'll get it fixed, I promise" he says.

I look into his blue eyes and nod knowing that the promise will be broken like all the previous promises people made with me but didn't keep.

"Are you going to play something? I really wanna hear ya!" Zayn whines and does puppy dog eyes.

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