The Story of Gerald the Dwarf

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Once upon a time there was a dwarf named Gerald.  He was a happy little dwarf who loved to play the flute and was quite good at it too.  One day Gerald was playing his flute in the woods just like he always did when a little dwarf girl heard him playing.  She was completely mesmerized by how marvelous the music sounded so she started looking for who was playing so wonderfully.  Before long she had found Gerald and was sitting, watching him play.  When he had finally finished his song the little dwarf girl squealed “I love that song!!!!” Gerald being the dwarf he was quickly shot back at her “well if you love it so much why don’t you marry it!” The little dwarf girl thought that was a splendid idea so she ran off and got married to the music.  While the little dwarf girl and the music lived happily ever after, Gerald never gave marital advice again.

The End

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