"Mom... can I talk to you?"

It had been a full week since I had confirmed my pregnancy. Only Jace knew - not even Sonny, Ally or my family.

"Yeah, sure babe. What's up?" She barely looked up from where she was making her grocery list.

"No... it's important."

"Did I say it wasn't...?" She asked, puzzled.

"No, it's just, erm, I don't know how to put this..." She looked up from her pad and pencil, concerned. "Mom, I'm pregnant."

We just sat there for a moment in silence. I don't think either of us knew what to say. Finally, she stood up and grabbed her car keys.

"C'mon, lets go." She replied, tonelessly. I got up, confused.

"Where to...?"

"The doctors."


"Emily Taelor?" The nurse chirped. I nodded as I got up to follow her. My mom followed close behind, squeezing my hand tightly. She led us to a small room and motioned for me to lay down. "Would you please lift up your shirt, just enough so I can see your stomach?" I did as she asked.

Her nametag said that her name was Caroline.

Caroline spread some chilling gel on my slightly larger stomach. She played around with her computer for a moment before excusing herself. I exchanged a nervous glance with my mother before Caroline returned with an older doctor.

They both studied the image while mumbling to each other. I hoped it was simply technical difficulties, and not something wrong with my baby. I had grown to liking the idea of being a mother in the past few days, and was actually scared for my child's life.

"Emily, you appear to be having multiples."

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