We pull up to a house that looks small on the exterior, but once you step inside it's massive. Anna walks in front of me and I grab ahold of her arm so I won't lose her in this crowd of people. The lights are dimmed and music is blasting through the speakers surrounding the rooms. People are scattered around, drinking , dancing, and smoking. The kitchen island is filled with endless bottles of alcohol, all types.

"Is Amber here?" I ask Anna loudly and she shakes her head while finding two empty shot glasses and filling them up with Fireball.

"She couldn't make it. So it's just us. Don't worry ! We're gonna have fun! To a new friendship!"

"To a new friendship " I say once we clink glasses and take the shot in one gulp. The alcohol burns my throat, instantly numbing it. While Anna pours another shot for the both of us, I make a beeline to the sink to drink a glass of water. I don't really like hangovers the next day and I want to be aware of what's happening around me so I drink water.

When I reach Anna again she's waiting with the two shot glasses in her hand and debating whether she should take both of them or not. We count down from three to one and dip out heads back and swallow the harsh tasting liquid. When I try to go to the sink again, Anna grabs my hand and stops me.

"Why do you always drink water after a shot?" She asks curiously while moving her short hair out of her face.

"I don't like having a hangover the next day and I want to know what's going around so I won't tried to be taken advantage of." I say and she nods her head.

"Well I guess I need some water too!" She says and doesn't let go of my hand until we reach the sink. I pass her a glass of water and she drinks it rather quickly.

"Do you feel better?" I ask her and she nods her head.

"The cloudiness is gone, and I don't feel that dizzy anymore." She states and I give her an encouraging smile.

"Can we just sit down for a while?" Anna asks me while grabbing my hand and leading me to a pair of couches near the beer pong table.

I take this chance to look around the room to see if I find anyone familiar. I spot Zayn and his friends Dylan and Austin all sitting on a couch and girls sprawled across each of their laps. I look away in disgust but not quick enough because Dylan sees me and calls out my name which makes Zayn perk up and look directly at me.

"Jennelle!" Dylan calls out again but louder so now a few people I don't know look directly at me. Oh shit.


"Who's that?" Monica asks as she moves her body so she's sideways to see my reaction. She looks at Jennelle curiously and assesses her before turning her attention towards me again , and waits for my reply.

"The new girl, Jennelle. She's American." I state and take a glance at Jennelle while she's looking around the room. God she looks so fucking hot right now.

Her curly hair is down and touches the ends of her shoulder and the skirt she's wearing shoes off her perfectly toned legs. Her fucking legs. And to top it off she's wearing a floral crop top thing that looks like a bra. I can't. I fucking can't. I glance around to see if other guys are looking at her and they are. She notices a few of them but brushes them off every time one tries to talk to her. I can't help but smirk when they walk away angrily, and looking defeated.

"She sure seems to attract a lot of male attention." Monica says with a hint of jealousy laced in her voice. I just shrug my shoulders and she huffs and gets off my lap and sits next to me.

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