Scavanger: The Lone Wolf

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A brown wolf walks slowly down a muddy trail. Thunder screams in the distance. The rain comes down in millions of large drops making everything wet.

"The rain pours down...I need shelter..." The wolf mutters.

Lighning flashes across the sky. Everything flashes white. The wolf discovers a small cave.

"this will do for the night."

The wolf lays down, his stomache rumbles like the thunder outside the cave as the wolf attempts to sleep.

"this is terrible..." the wolve sits up, "The rain will have scared off all the prey...and another night I will sleep hungry." the wolves words seemed to echo in the cave. "tomorrow! Oh, tomorrow! if the rain stops...prey will be everywhere!" the wolf laughed imagining the sight.

Lightning flashes again, showing the wolf 's battle scars. Thunder soon followed. The wolf laid down.

"tommorow's another day..." whispers the wolf before he blacks out from lack of sleep.


The sun burst over the horizon beaming its light on the sleeping wolf.

"morning already?" the wolf sits up, "well, time to find some food."

The wolf slowly stalks out of the den and starts to sniff around for any scent of prey. The wolf's head slowly pokes over a bush, just enough so that he can see. A rabbit comes into his sight. The wolf licks his lips and gets ready to pounce on the rabbit. The wolf jumps out from behind the bush and something white flashes in front of his eyes.

"EKKKKK!!!" the scream fills the forest.

The wolf looks over to where the scream came from and sees a white wolf with green markings.

"WINTERGREEN!!! What are you doing!?! That rabbit was my prey!"

"you snooze, you lose Eagleheart... U know it was always like that u LONER!!!" Wintergreen almost howled

"Wintergreen! You were and always am the same ol' wolf..." Eagleheart said coolly. circling around the white wolf.

"ya! Trustworthy to the pack! Unlike someone I used to know well." wintergreen turned his back to Eagleheart.

A low growl escapes eagleheart's mouth.

"you know I was too strong for that pack!!! That's why I was kicked out of the pack!!!"


Wintergreen leaped on Eagleheart, biting the back of his neck. Eagleheart flipped over knocking wintergreen onto his back...belly facing the sky.

"hoooooooowl!" wintergreen screamed in pain when he felt Eagleheart's teeth met his neck.

"Why was he panting? Wintergreen thought...his eyes grew huge when he figured it out..."Eagleheart was suffocating him!" he wanted to fight back, but he had no more strength...he could barley keep his eyes open.

"ough!" the weigh was suddenly pushed off wintergreen. He could see brown... Then a face appeared into view.

"it's ok wintergreen! It's me dune! Eat these they will make u better!" dune pushed some leaves and berries near wintergreen.


"Wat is it wintergreen? . . . Ahhhh!"

Eagleheart jumped on dune, who turned around and tried to scratch his attacker. The fight rolled away from wintergreen as he licked up the leaves and berries. His eyes closed as exhaustion covered him with a blanket.


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