Rydel & Addison;Zac & Riker Part 1

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Meg is in her house,sound asleep..

Oliver(The "???"):*outside Meg's house then looks up at her window* I'll get you back,my blossom..*walks away*

The Next Day

R5 walks in the school

Catileyn:OMG!!! *runs to them in the crowd of fans* I LOVE YA ROSS!!!

Ross:*chuckles* Love ya too!

Dawn:I LOVE YA R~~*sees Addison* GUYS!! ADDISON FORCE!!!

The fans screamed then runs to their classrooms..

Addison:*walks to them* Hey guys..*looks down*

Riker:What's wrong??

Addison:*sighs then looks up* It's Meg..

Rocky:*pushes all of them except for Addison* What's wrong with Meg?!?

Addison:*backs away then stops then sighs* She thinks her ex-boyfriend is spying on her...

Rocky:Her Ex??

Addison:Yep.. They loved each other so much,they would die.. If they broke up... But Meg did the right thing of breaking up with him... He. Did. Something. Bad. *bents down,covers ears* It was terrible!! It was TERRIBLE!!*starts to cry*

Riker:*bents down then whispers* Hey hey.. Shhhh.. *hugs her*

Addison:*cries on his chest* IT WAS TERRIBLE!!! I NEVER WANTED TO SEE HIS FACE AGAIN!!!!

Rocky:*eyes widen* What. Did. He. Do??

Addison:*still a little teary then slowly looks up to Rocky* He. Raped. Me. Lily. Ruby. And. My. Bestie. Morgan. And. He. Did. It. In. Front. Of. Meg. *cries more on Riker's chest*

Riker:*gasps then hugs her tight* Shhhh.. It's ok... It's over...*kisses her forehead*

Rocky:*gasps then bents down* Where's Meg??

Addison:*still teary* She's. With. Oliver. *cries a lot on Riker's chest*

Rocky:Who's Oliver??

Addison:*still crying*Her. Ex. That. Raped. Me. And. My. Friends. In. Front. Of. Her. *cries a lot a lot on Riker's chest*


Riker:*hugs her tight* Where is she Addi??

Addison:*still crying* AT. HER. LOCKER. *cries*

Rocky:*runs to Meg's locker*

Riker:*still hugging Addison* Shhh..

Addison:*hugs back while crying on his chest*

Riker:*still hugging Addison then pulls away,stares at her*

Addison:*pulls away too then stares back* What?? *still teary*

Riker:Did. He. Wear. Protection. ?

Addison:*shakes head while crying* N-n-no... *hugs Riker tightly*

Riker:*grinds teeth,then hugs back* Wanna hang after school?

Addison:*still hugging Riker while still teary* Sure..*slightly smiles*

Riker:*smiles* Ok..

Rydel:*widens eyes then bents down then covers her ears* NOOOOOO!!!!

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