Chapter 5- Getting Suited Up

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Chapter 5- Getting Suited Up

            I woke to the sound of beeping. Probably because my alarm was going off. “Uhhhhh,” was my response. I reached for the snooze button, but couldn’t find it. So I rolled over away from the clock, it didn’t really help.

            And that’s when I heard the chilly voice of the Taker. “Time to get up, little pup.”

            “Noooooo,” I said, groaning. I then stuck my face against my pillow.

            I then felt something shake me gently; I couldn’t tell what its form was. “Come on, it’s only just after dawn.”

            “No,” I said again. I really wanted to sleep.

            “If you end up late, you’ll just feel hate.”

            I opened my eyes; it seemed like a good start. All I have to do is jump out of bed and the worst part of getting up will be over. I didn’t move. It was a really warm bed. Why did people have to sleep on beds anyway? If we slept on rocks it would be so easier to get up in the morning.

            I guess I was taking to long, because the Taker said, “If you get up, I’ll make you a cup.”

            “You already used that rhyme.” I thought it was a fair point, but it didn’t because just then a cold gust of air knocked all my covers off. “Curse you,” I said, shaking my fist lazily.

            I eventually rolled out of bed and stood up. I went in the bathroom and after a few burns managed to figure out how the shower works and used it. Then I did some bathroom things. I found a variety of different clothes thanks to the Taker and got dressed.

            I was about to go downstairs when I saw a knife sheath, with knife inside on my nightstand. It was the one with the sheriff badge on it, the one from the Taker. Should I take it with me? A knife to use though out my life. It did look pretty cool.

             But would the people at the police station think that it was weird? 

              But on the other hand, I am a sheriff.


            Don’t they carry knives?

            I don’t know. Maybe?

            I’ll take it.

            So I hooked it up to my belt.

            I went downstairs to find that the Taker had made me a cup, a cup of coffee. After getting burnt again, this time from scorching hot coffee, I ate some breakfast. While I ate the Taker didn’t say anything, maybe it left. I then went outside. On my way out, I made sure not to get to close to the door on the right. I wonder where that door went. I guess I’d have to find out later because right now I needed to go to work. I walked out to the yellow button.

            For the first time since knowing about this job was I thinking about it. Yes, it had only been a day or so since I’ve known, but still. A sheriff? Wonder what this was going to be like.

            The cab showed up and I got in.

            “Where to?” asked Jed.

            “The Police Department.”

            As we went, I started to know that there weren’t very many cars on the road. And if this was the only way of transportation how did people get to work?

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